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Running Shoes! If you're serious about getting into running (or you're already a seasoned pro), then a great pair of running shoes not only help you run further and faster, but also save you from injury.

Here at Adult Fitness Test we are super passionate about helping EVERYONE get active and fit. As such we know that there are lots of different needs and considerations that have to be factored for when buying shoes. Based on this, we have tested and reviewed tons of shoes for all situations:

Sometimes you don't need a specific type of shoe, but you love a certain brand. We get that. We personally LOVE Nike and Adidas. Based on this we have put together a selection of our favourite running shoes by brand too:

If you have specific issues with your feet that prevent you from running, this can affect your confidence and ability to enjoy running. Based on this we have put together some of the top shoes for people with feet issues:


Fitness! As you would imagine, we love fitness! Everything from getting outside and doing laps through to strapping into the exercise bike at home!

Not every fitness product is created equal though. We have tried pretty much all of them, and here are some of our favourite reviews: