Are Resistance Bands Good for Building Muscle?

Are you looking for an easy, cheap way of strengthening your body without the hassle and cost of a gym membership? In this article, you will discover why resistance bands are suitable for building muscle quickly and for an affordable price. Mostly, resistance bands are elastic, and they come in various shapes. Some are too strong if you are a beginner (often coded with yellow), or too weak if you are already a pro at using them (coming as black).

Nonetheless, here is a quick guide on why resistance bands are useful for building muscle and how you can do that from the comfort of your home or on the go.  Let's jump right in.

Why They are Useful

To strengthen your body, you need to 'force' your muscles, to push them and overload them with effort. This slightly tears the muscle fibers, which leaves space for more muscle to grow. Thus, lifting weights or your own body weight helps you to build muscle.

Most studies show that using resistance bands are as good as anything else in building muscle. The main reason is that they put pressure on your muscles, and many people often prefer them because they are incredibly easy to use.

The main benefit of the resistance bands is that they come in various dimensions, which allow you to slowly increase the difficulty level and the amount of resistance a group of muscles must exert. This makes them appealing to both beginners and experienced users. However, if you are just starting to use resistance bands, you might find it better to go for the band for beginners. Slowly increase the pressure until you get more used to it to avoid aches and pain. You can look at the resistance band the same way as the weights. First, you start with the easiest one; you start adding more once your body gets used to it. This will allow you to grow your strength and body's resistance further.

So, in summary, the benefits of using resistance bands for building muscle include: a more economical way of doing sports; more flexibility in the way you can use and adapt them to various exercises — they are easy to use even by beginners; they are easy to transport, and they can offer you a full-body workout.

Best Resistance Band Exercises for Building Muscle

The following exercises can easily be done by anyone, both beginners and more advanced individuals. For the first one, all you need to do is to wrap the band around the leg of a piece of furniture or anything sturdy enough which will not move (causing you to get hurt in the process). Lay down on your back, flex your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.

Place your hands tightly around the ends of the resistance band and pull it toward your knees, while straightening out your arms. At the same time, crunch and (try to) touch your knees, followed by a release to the floor. Make sure your neck and back are straight during the entire process, or you are at risk of injury.

Another useful exercise with resistance bands that can enhance your body strength is this one: Start by sitting on the floor with your knees flexed. Place the resistance band around your feet, grab the ends and pull then towards your core, with elbows slightly bent. When the band is completely straight, twist your body from side to side. The more you twist to your side, the better this exercise will help you (and become more challenging).

You can also strengthen your arms using resistance bands. For instance, you can stand straight with your feet close to each other and place the resistance band under them. Make sure that the band is the appropriate size so that when you curl, you have enough resistance. Curl the arms up by flexing your elbows and pull your hands toward the shoulder. For the best results, try to flex only your forearms and hands in one move while elbows and upper arms are unmoved.

Another popular exercise targets the legs. Place the resistance band around the leg of furniture, pole or something sturdy enough to support you. Stand up facing the band, around four feet away from it and attach it to your ankle. There should be enough distance so that when you flex your knee, you encounter enough resistance from the band. Lower your leg as much as possible and repeat a few times.

Final Thoughts

So, are resistance bands good for building muscle? Overall, it is clear that resistance bands are a great addition to your workout routine. They are easy to use and versatile enough so that you can integrate them into virtually any exercise you can think of. They are practical, easy to transport, much cheaper than many other workout accessories, and they are definitely worth a try. What do you have to lose? Fat, of course!

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