Best Affordable New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance is a major manufacturer in the world of sporting footwear and has been around since 1906, so it has seen its fair share of the evolving market. You might not think of New Balance as soon as someone mentions running shoes, but their products have proven time and time again that they can well live up to similar models from the likes of Adidas and Nike. 

New Balance has split their running shoes into three different categories to ensure that there is something for everyone. These collections are Fresh Foam and FuelCell. We’ll be looking at these in more detail in our buyers guide, so make sure to read that if you’re interested in the different advantages from each collection. 

Running is a great hobby to pick up, but you’ll need the correct footwear to really reap the benefits and prevent an injury. That being said, you don’t always want to spend a lot of money on this gear when you’re just starting out running, or perhaps you don’t have the means to buy the most expensive shoes. 

Never fear, as we’re here to help you find the best, most affordable New Balance running shoes available on the market right now. Each of the shoes that we’ll be looking at below find the perfect mix between affordability and performance. 

In a hurry?

New Balance offers some amazing running shoes at amazing prices, which is why we cannot keep this information to ourselves any longer! We want to share with you the best affordable New Balance Running Shoes are the 520 V5s, and here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love them:

  • The upper part of the shoe has been made with comfortable and breathable material. 
  • You can wear them in any environment or weather thanks to the reliable grip.
  • New Balance has designed, created, and redeveloped them with comfort in mind.

Best Affordable New Balance Running Shoes


New Balance Men's 520 V5 Running Shoe, Lead/Light Aluminum, 9.5 M US

The most affordable shoe on our list today just happens to be the best overall! The 520 V5 Running shoe offers an EVA foam midsole for both comfort and support, and the mesh upper is very breathable and allows a flow of cool air to surround the foot while you’re running. 

You also receive a New Balance insert for additional comfort. The rubber sole is reliable and is covered with an effective grip, so you don’t have to worry about what type of terrain you’ll be running on. 

There are underfoot groves that aim to keep your feet comfortable all day long. Moreover, New Balance has studied previous data and used it to inspire the creation of the 520 V5s, which is beneficial to know that you’re using shoes that have been researched and developed thoroughly. 


  • It’s clear that these shoes have been created with comfort in mind. 

  • A breathable upper shoe. 

  • Reliable sole with sturdy grip for running in all weathers and environments.


  • These shoes don’t provide as much stability as some runners would like. 

  • The design is rather narrow. 

New Balance Men's 520 V5 Running Shoe, Lead/Light Aluminum, 9.5 M US
  • Underfoot Comfort: These running shoes feature a lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole to provide lightweight support, plus an NB Comfort Insert to offer additional cushioning
  • Supportive Design: The breathable mesh and synthetic uppers on these fitness shoes are designed to be soft and supportive on the feet. The upper sits atop a durable rubber outsole
  • Versatile and Lightweight Running Shoes: Whether you're working through tough training sessions or a busy weekend of errands, these New Balance running shoes are designed to provide all-day comfort


New Balance mens 680 V6 Running Shoe, Pigment/Rgb Green, 9.5 US

The 680 V6 Running Shoe comes equipped with a rubber sole and an ABZORB midsole that is designed to protect your foot from too much impact. This comes from contact with the floor and so this shoe would be particularly helpful if you were going to be running for a long distance. 

Underneath the mesh and synthetic upper layer, there is a molded sock liner to ensure that your foot is comfortable and stable within the shoe. The upper layer of the sole is made from EVA foam which is very cushioning and comfortable, giving your foot an impressive distance away from the floor. 

These running shoes are great for anyone, no matter their skill, intensity level, or stamina. Plus, there are ten stellar colors to choose from to guarantee that you’ll never want to step out of the house without wearing them. 


  • The midsole absorbs a considerable amount of shock from every impact. 

  • Great level of comfort. 

  • Built for everyone and every occasion. 


  • It does not offer as much support as some other New Balance running shoes. 

  • The holes for the laces may be a little snug. 

New Balance mens 680 V6 Running Shoe, Pigment/Rgb Green, 9.5 US
  • Synthetic/mesh upper
  • Responsive EVA midsole with ABZORB cushioning
  • NB Response 2.0 performance insert


New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoe, Magnet/Grey, 8.5 M US

The Fresh Foam midsole of the Arishi V2 Running Shoes allow the runner to experience comfort like they’ve never felt before. Don’t be surprised if you get confused between running through the park and running on clouds - that’s how comfortable these shoes are. 

New Balance’s Response 1.0 Performance insert is also included within these shoes to enhance your speed, stamina, and the overall quality of your run. The outsole is made from rubber for a durable and long-lasting shoe, so you won’t have to buy another pair anytime soon. 

The engineered mesh that makes up the upper shoe has been created to keep the shoe as breathable as possible so that your foot doesn’t overheat during your run. This goes hand in hand with the rest of the comfortable qualities of the Arishi V2s.


  • Very comfortable midsoles. 

  • Comes with an included insert to increase your performance. 

  • Breathable material used for the upper. 


  • The tongue is rather thin so may bunch up when putting the shoes on.

  • Too lightweight for some runners. 

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoe, Magnet/Grey, 8.5 M US
  • Fresh Foam Running Shoes: The Arishi v2 running shoes feature built-in Fresh Foam midsole technology that is precision engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride
  • Great Fit: Designed with no-sew overlays to ensure a sleek fit and incredible feel, these kids' performance shoes will be a joy to wear for your active little one
  • Breathable Comfort: The synthetic and mesh uppers on these New Balance kids' running shoes create amazing breathability, helping to keep their feet comfortable when the pace picks up


New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe, Black/White, 7 XW US

The New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 1 is a multi-purpose casual shoe which has generous width in the standard size, and which comes in a ‘wide’ with every size option. The size range is huge for both men and women, offering shoes up to size 18 and 12 respectively. This is great news if you happen to be a giant (6’5” or taller). 

Conversely, if you’re so very, very far from being a giant, then you may be even happier to know that the sole platform will give you nearly an inch of lift.

This is Amazon’s choice for an athletic shoe which is kind to flat feet. It is not specifically a running shoe targeted towards those with fallen arches.

That said, the standard of cushioning with the Fresh Foam Roav 1 provides real comfort to the midsole, and to the heel. Speaking of which, the ‘Ultra Heel’, as New Balance call it, is a close, snug and soft fit which provides good ankle support.

Those using these shoes for workouts or more casual exercise have many good things to say about the comfort of the Fresh Foam line in general. However, both male and female runners report that the uppers are a little too flexible and the toebox wide, so there is a tendency to slip around while on the move.

The Ndurance™ technology for a durable sole has mixed reactions: the tread can wear down sooner than expected for runners, but as this is a comparatively inexpensive shoe, it’s a great option to get back into fitness gently after an injury.

Finally, the huge range of aesthetic designs gives you the best chance of picking a super-comfortable sneaker which will go with the rest of your sportswear. They’re good with jeans too and perfect for day-long wear, taking the strain off knees, hips and backs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Exceptional breathability and comfort
  • Decent durability
  • Outstanding size range
  • Good shock absorption and bounce


  • A little too roomy for serious runners
  • Not much adaptability with your own orthotics or insoles
  • Flat-foot friendly but not targeted at the flat-footed athlete
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe, Black/White, 7 XW US
  • 8 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 8 mm drop are approximate
  • Blown rubber outsole provides superior rebound
  • Bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug, supportive fit


Brooks Dyad 11 Black/Ebony/Blue 10.5 D (M)

Last but not least is the Vizo Pro Run V1 Running Shoe from New Balance’s FuelCell collection. This collection aims to take the energy from each step and bounce it straight back so that you experience a better speed and overall performance. This has the cleverly shaped midsole to thank. 

If you’re looking for a running shoe that enables you to reach your fitness goals faster with the same amount of effort you usually put in, this is a great option for you. The rubber sole is also very durable and strong, so they’re bound to last you for a long time. 

This is only the first version of these running shoes that are available, so imagine what New Balance could release in the future. Running is a hobby and is supposed to be fun, which you can see by all of the brightly colored swatches available for the Vizo Pro Run V1s.


  • Offer you a better performance for no additional work. 

  • Durable rubber sole.

  • Great selection of colors to choose from. 


  • Two customers didn’t think that the wide options were very wide after receiving them. 

  • The sole may be thinner than some runners would like. 

Brooks Dyad 11 Black/Ebony/Blue 10.5 D (M)
  • THIS SHOE IS FOR: The Dyad 11 is perfect for runners who want a secure fit and a stable feel. Runners with slightly wider feet will also appreciate extra room in the forefoot.
  • SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA, our proprietary cushioning, adapts to your stride, weight and speed. Why? So it can help protect you by reducing impact on your joints.
  • GENEROUS FIT: Sometimes you need a little extra room to move around in. So if you need a roomier shoe because of flat or voluminous feet, your search is over.

Best Affordable New Balance Running Shoes - Buying Guide

If your flat feet are congenital, then it’s more than likely that you’ll already be fully conversant with what your feet need and you’ll be avoiding shoes with overly firm or tall cushioning in the midsole, which simply transfers stress to your knees and hips.

For those who are new to having to accommodate fallen arches, hopefully you will find that these tips make it faster and easier to track down the best shoes for you.

Have you had a custom orthotic insole made? If so, look for a shoe with removable sockliners and insoles into which you can insert your specialized support. Nothing is going to fit your foot better than a base which has been molded for you.

If you’re looking for moderate stabilization and a shoe which will support both an injured and uninjured foot, then look for the product descriptions which feature a straight last and a full-contact midsole.

If you suffer overpronation to the point that it gives you balance problems, then definitely home in on the designs which offer dual density or ‘guard rail’ designs, which apply varying pressure to your foot to smooth out your heel-to-toe roll.

Also keep a look out for shoes which have a firm, protective heel or exoskeleton to protect your ankles. An inward-rolling foot is apt to leave you vulnerable to sprains and strains unless the interior positioning of your foot in the shoe is corrected.

What will you be doing with these shoes? Serious sprinting, long distance running, trail hiking or Crossfit? When you have good idea of where you will using these shoes the most, then decide whether you’re going to prioritize robustness and ventilation (hiking), fast running (flexibility and traction) or endurance events (flexibility, exceptional cushioning and lightness).

Finally, if you’re looking to replace or update stabilizer shoes you’ve already bought, it is well worth taking the time to look specifically at reviews which draw comparisons (good and bad) to preceding shoes from the same line. Although people’s experience of shoe fit is highly subjective, there are trends which you might relate to and therefore learn from. 

Now that we’ve delved into the best affordable New Balance running shoes that you can find on the market, let’s discuss the factors that make these models the best options for you. Having a reasonable amount of knowledge about your new shoes will allow you to be able to choose the best model for you, your preferences, and your individual running style. 

After reading the below information, you’ll feel more confident and secure in your ability to find the best shoes for you. If you want some help in finding the best running shoes for you, then keep reading.

New Balance collections

New Balance has created a range of different collections for you to choose from, each focusing on individual standout features. We’ve focused on two of them to find the best running shoes. 

Fresh Foam running shoes offer a soft and comfortable feel to every step that you take. New Balance has taken data from high performing athletes and designed a comfortable shoe that doesn’t compromise the effectiveness. 

FuelCell models are created with foam that returns as much energy back to you as possible. This is done by the clever shape of the midsole that allows you to reach faster speeds without pushing yourself as much. 

You’ll need to decide whether you want to focus on speed or comfort before choosing a collection to purchase from, as this will greatly narrow your search down. 

Understanding the Numbers

Looking at the item model number for each of the shoes that you’re considering will allow you to see whether they are the right option for your desired situation. Take MR520V6 for example - at first glance it looks like a simple jumble of letters and numbers, right? 

However, we can break it down into some useful information about the shoes. ‘MR’ stands for Men’s Running, which is what you’ll want to look for here. ‘MW’ or ‘WW’ will mean men/women’s walking shoes. 

‘5’ hints to the price, and the number five will indicate that these shoes cost around $50. ‘20’ indicates the type of shoe. 50 indicates that the shoes are for fitness running, which is what you are primarily looking for. Alternatively, 60-70 is for stability, 80 is for neutral shoes, and 90 is for speed. 

Finally, the ‘V6’ regards the version of the shoe. Now that you understand the numbers that pop up in each of the ads, you’ll be able to determine which shoe is the best for you and your needs. 


Of course, the best affordable New Balance running shoes will have a reasonably low price point. The term ‘affordable’ can be taken in a number of different ways, and your definition will depend on your budget and current situation. 

We’ve attempted to find the best New Balance running shoes that all have a price point lower than $50, or as close to this price as possible. If you have a slightly higher budget then you can look deeper into the higher-priced shoes, but $50 is generally the lowest price that New Balance running shoes are sold for.


The stability of your shoes is another important factor, as running can be rather taxing on your feet and ankles. While running, it’s not uncommon for your feet to turn in or out and therefore more pressure is put onto these edges of your feet. You need a stable shoe to prevent this from happening. 

Not only does the additional pressure on the edge of your foot cause pain and discomfort, but it can also leave you susceptible to a greater injury concerning your ankle or leg. New Balance running shoes all offer different levels of stability, so you should determine how much you’re likely to need while running. 

Beginners are more likely to need a more stable running shoe, as well as people who suffer from over- or under-pronation, which is simply putting more weight onto the outer or inner edges of your feet while moving. You may also want a higher stability shoe if you’re going to be running longer distances to minimize the discomfort. 

Having said that, a trend growing in popularity is to use a running shoe with very little stability. This is said to strengthen the foot and allow it to adapt better to the natural flex of running. If you’re interested in this, a New Balance running shoe with less stability might be the one for you.


It doesn’t matter how high performing or inexpensive a pair of running shoes is if they’re not comfortable enough to wear for a prolonged period of time. Beginners will be running around 30 minutes at a time, and more advanced runners will be exceeding this, so your shoes need to be comfortable enough to withstand the entire run. 

If your running shoes are not comfortable they may affect your ability to run or your pace. This can be really frustrating for people who are trying to work toward goals, so comfort is an important feature to look for with your new running shoes. 


Much like the comfort of your New Balance running shoes, a pair of shoes is not worth purchasing if they’re not long-lasting. You don’t want to feel the sole coming detached from the upper shoe mid-run, so durability is a must. 

Unfortunately, you’ll often find that a low price will compromise the durability of your product. That being said, we’ve tried to find the most durable New Balance running shoes with the lowest price. 

We’d suggest exploring the customer reviews to see if any previous customers have had an issue with the durability of their shoes. This will prevent you from having to wasting your money on potentially lower quality models. 

Correct Sizing

All of New Balance running shoes come with the option wide and extra-wide sizings as well as the original. This allows you to wear them even if you have wider feet than the average, and is actually much more useful than you first think. 

Choosing the correct size of shoe in terms of both length and width gives you more comfort as your feet are not jammed into a too-tight space, and there is enough room for air to circulate so they’ll experience a better breathable experience. 

Moreover, your feet swell throughout the day, especially when you’re walking or running a lot. If you’re planning on running in the evening, you’ll need to account for the extra size of your growing feet. For this reason, wide and extra-wide options are very beneficial and something to consider before committing to a new pair of running shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are higher number New Balance shoes better?

Not necessarily! We’ve talked about what the different numbers refer to above, and they simply regard different features of the shoes. Depending on what you want out of your shoes, the numbers that you’re looking for will differ. For example, if you want shoes to give you as much speed as possible, you’ll be looking for the number 90. 

The first number refers to the price point of the shoes, so this also doesn’t correspond to whether they’re better or worse than lower numbers. Finally, the last number is concerning the version of the shoe, so this will be the only number that may mean the shoe is better. 

V1, or version one, and V6 will differ in the amount of development and research that has gone into creating the shoe, as the latter is a later version of the same shoe. This may mean that it is better than the V1 shoe, but this should not be blindly followed as it’s not always the case.