Best Nike Running Shoes

Nike is a dominant brand within the sportswear market, producing many favored pieces amongst sporting enthusiasts. 

A good pair of running shoes are crucial for being able to run with ease and comfort.

Best Nike Running Shoes

If you are struggling to find the perfect pair of running shoes then we have done the hard work for you and searched the market for the best pair, focussing specifically on the brand Nike. 

We have also included a handy buyers guide with all of our top tips and criteria for finding the best pair of Nike running shoes for you.

If you are in a hurry and are ready to get running, we have selected our top pick for you below. 

Top 5 Best Nike Running Shoes


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Women's Running Shoe Black/White-Thunder Grey Size 7.5

For our top pick, we have selected the Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running shoes. These women's shoes are available in a variety of colors so there is bound to be a choice available to suit each preference and taste. 

With a full-length zoom air unit along the sole, you are going to have a smooth and responsive ride when running in these shoes. The sleek and slim design offers a comfortable fit in a shoe that conforms to the shape of your feet. 

As a lightweight but durable shoe, they are perfect for wear during everyday training. Firm and responsive thanks to the Cushlon ST foam, they also work to deliver great speed and bounce when needed. 

The sock liner is highly resilient and adapts to your foot shape to provide you with the utmost support. 

The perforated design enhances the breathability of the forefoot and arch, a necessary feature that works to prevent the build-up of sweat, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable run. 


  • These running shoes are available in a great choice of colors to suit each taste. 
  • The zoom unit accounts for a smooth and responsive run. 
  • They are lightweight and comfortable which makes them easy to run in, but they are durable too. 
  • The breathable material makes them comfortable to wear, even in the warmer weather. 
  • They offer great support and an ideal choice for elite runners too.


  • Some customers who have purchased these shoes have experienced issues with the sizing. 
  • They are a little pricey, so it may not be a practical choice for those looking for a cheaper option. 
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Women's Running Shoe Black/White-Thunder Grey Size 7.5
  • Perforations on upper enhance breathability in forefoot and arch
  • Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride
  • Slimmer design reduces bulk for a comfortable, conforming fit


Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe (10 D(M) US, Black/Dark Grey/Anthracite/White)

Next up is the Air Zoom Pegasus 34 men's running shoes. Incorporating a dynamic design that delivers a one to one fit that caters to the shape of your feet, you are provided with maximum comfort.

Designed with an engineered mesh upper section, this is a breathable material that offers lightweight ventilation, eliminating the build-up of sweat after long runs, or runs in the warm weather. 

The cushion foam delivers responsive cushioning and the flywire cables help to keep them secure delivering all of the support and comfort that is required. Featuring a zoom air unit, this provides responsive cushioning too.

These running shoes are available in a range of colors so there is one available for each taste. 


  • The technology delivers a one to one fit so that they mold to the shape of your foot. 
  • Customers who experience medical issues that affect their legs and feet have noted that these shoes have helped to ease discomfort.
  • They are comfortable shoes, particularly effective when worn for longer runs. 
  • These shoes are available in different color choices. 
  • The cushion foam works to deliver responsive cushioning and support.


  • When making your selection, ensure that you choose the shoes from a reliable seller.
  • Some customers have noted a deterioration in the quality after a few wears.


Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe, Black/White-Anthracite, 10 Regular US

Our next choice is another pick from the men’s shoe category and these are the Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe. The rubber sole offers maximum support and grip keeping your feet in a secure place as you run. 

The molded pods offer multi-surface traction, and when faced with impact from the ground the pods flatten before springing back up at toe-off. This design creates a piston effect while delivering responsive cushioning. 

As a lightweight shoe, the soft foam midsole is again responsive whilst delivering all of the support and structure that is needed to fully enjoy your run, whilst remaining comfortable too. 

Sporting a minimalistic design, the rubber sole that is featured along the outside of the shoe accounts for durability, ideal if you are likely to be running on harder surfaces, as this prevents them from becoming damaged easily. The traction and cushioning also make it much easier to run for a distance when wearing these shoes, as they are likely to be much more comfortable.  

This lightweight shoe is super convenient for running with ease and the single-layer mesh design offers effective breathability for all-round comfort as you run. 


  • The molded pods offer multi-surface traction.
  • The single layer mesh design is breathable whilst offering effective ventilation. 
  • They are lightweight which makes them nice to wear while running.
  • They are comfortable enough for daily wear. 
  • The sole provides you with comfortable and sturdy cushioning and support.
  • These running shoes are available in a variety of colors.


  • These shoes may be a little tight fitting for those with wider feet.
Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe, Black/White-Anthracite, 10 Regular US
  • MEN'S RUNNING SHOES: Molded pods offer multi-surface traction. Pods flatten on impact then spring back at toe-off creating a piston effect that delivers responsive cushioning.
  • ATHLETIC SHOES: Soft foam midsole delivers lightweight, responsive cushioning. Underlays in the vamp and toe tip offer support and structure for a comfortable ride.
  • CORE PERFORMANCE: Minimal in design running shoes. Full-length rubber outsole provides durable traction and cushioning to run longer.


Nike Womens Free RN 5.0 Flexible Low Top Running Shoes B/W 9 Medium (B,M)

Our next choice is the Nike Women's Free Rn 5.0 running shoes. These are a great choice for runs up to 3 miles. They feature a stripped down design with a single layer of mesh. Not only does this act as a second skin, but mesh is known to be a breathable and well-ventilated material, beneficial when it comes to running shoes. 

These lightweight trainers incorporate less foam, and while they remain to be comfortable, the reduction in foam cushioning makes it easier to hit the ground running. The lower foam density creates greater contact with the ground. 

Designed with heel to toe groves along the outer sole of the shoe, this allows for multifunctional flexibility whilst keeping comfort and support as a priority. 

The Asymmetrical lace system is placed on the sides which isn't necessarily the most common choice, however, this design takes the pressure of your instep. 

The forefoot of the shoe features rubber pods that enhance heel traction.


  • Nike has gone back to basics with the design of this shoe with a focus on support and comfort. 
  • Just like the other shoes, we have mentioned, these are available in a variety of colors.
  • The bootie construction integrates the tongue creating a snug and seamless fit. 
  • The rubber pods provide greater stability and support as you run.
  • Designed with a single sock layer this provides you with closer contact to the ground, allowing you to feel more connected with greater feedback.


  • These shoes aren't the most suitable option if you are a long-distance runner as they can only run for up to 3 miles.
  • As they are designed to sit just below the ankle this causes the shoes to dig into your feet on occasions which some may find uncomfortable. 
Nike Womens Free RN 5.0 Flexible Low Top Running Shoes B/W 9 Medium (B,M)
  • mesh
  • A stripped-down upper with single-layer mesh is stretchy to feel like a second skin.
  • Lower foam density lets your foot feel connected to the ground.


Nike Men's Flex Experience Run 8 Shoe, Cool Grey/Black-Reflective Silver-White, 9.5 Regular US

For our final choice, we have selected the Nike Men's Flex Experience Run 8 sneakers. With a knitted design that delivers lightweight comfort, this works to conform to each of your steps for long-lasting comfort for the duration of your runs. 

The flex grooves on the outer sole, deliver natural flexibility and work with ease to grip the ground below, delivering great stability. With a unique heel, this creates an adaptive fit as you run and also encourages ventilation which helps to keep your feet cool for the duration of your run. 

Designed with a no-sew overlay at the laces and toe tips, these are a durable shoe choice with a textured outsole that provides further traction and durability. 

Impressively, the injected unit midsole doubles as an outsole providing you with a resilient and durable ride. This allows for a reduced amount of rubber, ultimately resulting in a reduction in the overall weight of the running shoe. 

Incorporated into the design of these shoes are hexagonal flex grooves offering 6 different flex points which allow you to run freely. They also encourage natural motions as the rounded heel design rolls with the ground. 


  • Customers who have purchased these running shoes have noted how comfortable they are.
  • The knitted fabric conforms to your feet delivering great comfort in every step.
  • The design is very durable so these running shoes are likely to see you through many runs. 
  • They are very flexible which makes them very effective for running. 
  • As a lightweight shoe, they are very nice to run in without making your feet feel weighed down.


  • Whilst they offer great comfort, they may not be ideal for long-distance runners who are looking for extra support. 
  • The shoes are prone to squeaking when walking over particular surfaces which can be annoying for many people. 
Nike Men's Flex Experience Run 8 Shoe, Cool Grey/Black-Reflective Silver-White, 9.5 Regular US
  • RUNNING SHOES FOR MEN: The Nike Flex Experience RN 8 running shoe delivers lightweight comfort with a knit fabric that conforms to your every step.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Men's Nike shoes feature flex grooves in the outsole for natural flexibility and a soft mesh in the heel for an adaptive fit while running.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: A no-sew overlay at the laces and toe tip adds durability to our men's running shoes while textured outsole provides additional traction and durability.

Best Nike Running Shoes - Buying Guide

When purchasing footwear there are some criteria that you should consider beforehand. This includes the style, size, and cost along with much more.

We have listed some features below which make these Nike shoes stand out from their competitors on the market. 

The size

Of course, the size is super important when it comes to any piece of clothing and with shoes in particular as this is going to have a direct impact upon comfort. If you are likely to be running for a lengthy amount of time you want to be comfortable without having to worry about the development of any painful blisters. 

Sizes can differ within brands and ordering online so it is worth being aware of this to ensure that you invest in the most comfortable pair. If you are unsure of your size it is worth paying attention to a size guide for a particular pair of shoes that you intend on buying as this can help you to purchase the most suitable pair. 

The shoe Part

Different parts of the shoe are going to influence how comfortable they are to wear. This includes the heel counter which should preferably support your heel whilst allowing freedom of movement. 

The upper section of the shoe which refers to everything above the sole of the shoe and this should be shaped to your foot with support and the ability to stretch in the appropriate places. 

The saddle refers to the area around the instep and this helps to keep the shoe secure onto the foot. 

The toe box is also important, whilst this protects your toe from stubbing, a toe box that is too tight is going to cause some discomfort for your toes as you run. You should be able to stretch and flex your toe naturally with the correct toe box. 

Now in regards to the sole of the shoe, you can have an outer sole and an inner sole. The outer sole is the section of the shoe that has contact with the road. Typically made from rubber this should enhance the bounce and flexibility as you run providing traction without adding any excess weight to your foot.

The inner sole of course refers to the part of the shoe on the inside that your foot is in direct contact with. Again this should be comfortable whilst adding a bounce to your step as you run.

The cushioning

Although cushioning is incorporated into some aspects of the shoe as listed above, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the cushioning in particular. A good pair of running shoes are going to offer comfort and support through good quality cushioning which gives you a more comfortable experience overall as you partake of your exercise.

The cushioning is going to be very important in regards to the overall comfort of the shoe as some will be designed with thicker cushioning, whilst other shoes may have thinner cushioning and this is all going to influence how comfortable you rate the overall shoe. 

Don't purchase a shoe based on looks

When you see a shoe that is aesthetically pleasing our automatic instinct tends to tell us to go ahead and make a purchase without paying a considerable amount of attention to any other aspects such as the price beforehand.

Although it is difficult not to do this and it is important to like the shoe that you intend to purchase, don't automatically make your purchase just based solely upon the way that the shoe looks.

Doing so can result in purchasing a shoe that isn't very comfortable, resulting in you spending time running in discomfort. Whilst the aesthetic of the shoe is important to many, pay attention to the sizing, the style, and the shoe parts too.

The Distance of your run

The distance that you are likely to run is also going to influence the shoe that you purchase. This is because of how some shoes are designed, making them more suitable for longer runs than others.

Having a lightweight design is beneficial for shorter runs, however for those that are favorable of longer runs you may find a shoe with a sturdier build to be more beneficial and supportive.

The cost

Just like most garments and footwear pieces, Nike's running shoes can vary rather considerably in price. Any new releases are likely to be considerably more expensive than pairs that have been on the market for some time.

Also, be prepared to pay more depending on the size that you require as larger sizes tend to increase the price. The color is another factor that is highly likely to alter the price of running shoes. It is necessary to pay attention to each of these factors to ensure that you are making a worthy investment. 

Best Nike Running Shoes - FAQ's

Are Nike running shoes actually good for running?

Nike is still very much known for making great running shoes for very good quality. You may develop a preference for a particular type of running shoe and how often you are likely to wear them. 

Nike produces a variety of different models of shoes as highlighted above, some catering better to particular uses than others. Particular styles of shoes may be better suited to the type of runs that you enjoy, more than others. 

How long will a pair of Nike running shoes last?

In general, it is recommended that you replace your running shoes every 400 miles. However, this is dependent on your running style, body weight, and the surface that you most typically run on. For example, running on hard surfaces is going to have a different effect on your running shoes than running on a soft surface.

Lighter runners may get more wear out of their shoes than heavier runners as they are less likely to wear them down as easily. Of course, it is also going to depend on the quality and the price of the shoe that you purchase.