Best Reebok Running Shoes

For the vast majority of people, Reebok and running are synonymous.  They belong together. Like apple pie and ice cream, Mulder and Scully, Mickey and Minnie, they’re almost inseparable. You can’t have one without the other. It’s a partnership that transformed a lowly business that began in Bolton, England in 1895 into a globally recognized brand.

Reebok, under their original name Olympic Works, developed, pioneered and invented some of the earliest spiked running shoes at the end of the nineteenth century. Although it wasn’t until the Paris Olympics in 1924, when 100-metre champion Harold Abrahams sailed to victory wearing their shoes, that the firm first tasted fame.

Fast forward thirty years and some change and Olympic Works finally became Reebok in 1958. Named after a South African antelope, it would be another twenty years before Reebok, after coming to the attention of Paul Fireman at a trade show in Chicago, finally established itself in the USA.

Becoming an American company in 1985, following the successful launch of the first purpose-designed athletic shoe for women, Reebok slowly, but surely became part of popular culture. Running and Reebok was intertwined and as more athletes flocked to their brand, the bond between Rebook and all types of sports went from strength to strength.

But that was then and this is now, and a lot of miles have been added to the road in the intervening years. So are Reebok still the running brand? Are their shoes still a world-beating force to be reckoned with?

The short answer is yes and the long answer is most definitely, yes. And it’s mainly due to an innovation that Reebok call Floatride, a system that provides lightweight comfort and breathability while cushioning every stride and returning maximum energy with each footfall.

So let’s hit the track and explore five of the best Reebok running shoes currently dominating the world of athletics

Best Reebok Running Shoes


Reebok mens Forever Floatride Energy 2 road running shoes, Black/Cold Grey/White, 10 US

First off the blocks is the Forever Floatride Energy 2. The first version of Floatride Energy was a hit with runner everywhere, as its versatility and comfort making it perfect for both long-distance and more focused intense runs.  Time and tide wait for no runner though, and Reebok forged onward and created a better, even more, versatile version of the Floatride Energy. Which brings us to the Floatride Energy 2.

Delivering the best of all worlds, everything that made the original Floatride Energy a favourite among runners, with an extra helping of new technology and improved performance, the Floatride Emergy 2 is made for beginners and long-time advocates alike. Dependable, comfortable and just as much at home on the track as it is the road, the Floatride Energy 2 does everything that you’ll ever need it to and much, much more.


  • Incredibly well priced, the Floatride Energy 2 won’t leave a dent in any serious runner’s pocketbook. It’s a great quality, low cost running shoe
  • Designed with all levels of competition and runner in mind, the Floatride Energy 2 is the perfect combination of comfort and performance.
  • Even though it’s built for comfort with all sorts of wonderful technological cushioning marvels integrated into it, the Floatride Energy 2 is surprisingly light and will never make your feet feel like they made of lead, no matter how far you run.
  • The high breathability factor of the Floatride Energy 2 means that you’ll never to wring your socks out or dry your feet off after a run again. So no more sweat and no more sweaty feet.


  • Some runners have reported problems with the size and fit of the Floatride’s uppers and while it isn’t a significant issue, it might be worth noting and looking out for.
  • Other runners have also noted that the sizing of the Floatride can run a little large, so if you’re closer to the smaller side of your size, that’s something that you might want to focus on and pay attention too.
Reebok mens Forever Floatride Energy 2 road running shoes, Black/Cold Grey/White, 10 US
  • Mesh upper is lightweight and breathable
  • Designed for: Running
  • Floatride Energy Foam provides lightweight, responsive cushioning


Reebok Men's Ridgerider Trail 4.0 Walking Shoe, Grey/Beach Stone/Black, 12.5 M US

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to the Ridgerider Trail, everything.  Straight in at number two is the Ridgerider Trail, Reeboks four-wheel-drive system for runners. As its name implies, the Ridgerider Trail is an all-terrain running shoe for the athlete who wants to cover as much, and as varied, ground as possible.

The firm cushioning that runs for the entire length of the Ridgerider means that wherever you run, it’ll feel just like the smoothest road surface. Pebble trouble and stone related pain won’t trouble you as the Ridgerider helps you to conquer whatever surface comes your way.

Slightly heavier the average running shoe, the Ridgerider, much like the Toyota Hilux, hits the ground running and doesn’t let anything get in its way or stop it, or you, from getting wherever it is you want to go.


  • The Ridgerider Trail is an all-weather, all-terrain running shoe and when you run out of road, you can just keep on going on whatever path you want to. It hasn’t met a trail that it doesn’t like.
  • You’ve got to like any shoe that has its own drainage system to ensure that your feet stay as dry as possible for as long as possible when the storm clouds start gathering. That said, if you go running through rivers, they’re not going to keep the water out but when the rain comes, you’ll be glad you chose the Ridgerider Trail.
  • They are, like most Reebok shoes, incredibly affordable and for the price are almost certainly the best value four-wheel-drive running shoe currently available.


  • If pounding the road and hitting the track is your be-all and end-all and you’ve never thought twice about cross-country or trail running, then look elsewhere as the Ridgerider Trail isn’t the shoe that you’re looking for.
  • While it will take everything that you throw at it, Ridgerider Trail’s don’t have a lot of give in them. Comfort can be issue and sizing tends to run a little on the small side.


Reebok Men's Yourflex Train 11 MT, Black/True Grey/White, 7 M US

Bouncing in at number three, is the Yourflex Train.  Known for their extreme comfort, flexibility, and lightweight design the Yourflex Train delivers an incredible amount of support and protection while chewing up distance and spitting it out.

Every runner wants to get the most out of every run and these highly durable shoes, thanks in no small part to their superior cushioning system and midfoot support, ensure that whatever your objective, they’ll help you to achieve it.

About as perfect as a training shoe can get, their mesh construction allows your feet to breathe during even the most arduous of runs, while the carbon rubber outsoles make sure that, just like Spider-Man, you’ll stick to just about any surface you encounter.


  • Yourflex Train is all about helping to make your training and running experience as pleasurable as it can possibly be. It’s designed to comfort, cushion and protect your feet while allowing them to breathe freely. It does exactly what it says on the tin and looks good doing it.
  • We all work hard for our money and so we want the things we buy to last. That’s exactly what the Yourflex Train does.  Hardy and durable, it’s a running shoe that you can depend on time and time again.
  • And as we’re the subject of money, at significantly less than a hundred dollars the Yourflex Train is eminently affordable, which is guaranteed to make even the most hardened road running warrior smile.


  • It isn’t all wine and roses though. Earlier versions of the Yourflex Train had a tendency to wear more quickly at the front than the back which had a significant impact on and greatly reduced, their lifespan.  While the jury is still out on this model, it might be worth considering that earlier issue if you’re serious about the Yourflex Train
  • Those earlier versions also rubbed a few of their wearers the wrong way and left their mark on more than a few heels. Again, while it was a problem associated with earlier models, it’s definitely something to think about if you’re looking to cover as much distance as possible.
Reebok Men's Yourflex Train 11 MT, Black/True Grey/White, 7 M US
  • Synthetic mesh upper for lightweight breathability; Molded Neoprene heel for comfort
  • Designed for: Training
  • Super soft full-foot MemoryTech memory foam will keep your feet comfortable all day long


Reebok Men's Floatride Run Fast Shoe, neon Lime/White/Black/red, 10 M US

For number four, it’s back to Reebok’s patented Floatride system with the Floatride Run Fast.  A dedicated runner’s shoe, the Floatride Run Fast is made for the hardcore enthusiast who takes competition and performance extremely seriously. This shoe isn’t for amateurs or those of you looking for a shoe for your first run. This is the shoe for the runner who hurtles past you covered in sweat and whose breath cuts the air in front of them with laser sharp precision and purpose.

A bone fide scientific achievement, the sheer amount of technology involved in making this ultralight shoe a reality would have confounded and confused the entire faculty at MIT.  Combining mesh construction with a dependable and incredibly reliable, and comfortable, Floatride system, the Run Fast was made to do exactly that; run fast.

While the Floatride technology guarantees that the Run Fast will be easy on your feet at whatever speed you’re travelling. It’s made to move and keep on moving.  The Floatride Run Fast doesn’t do slow and steady, but if it did, it would do it with a style and grace that almost every other runner could only dream about.


  • The Floatride Run Fast is light. And by light, we mean really, really light. The sort of light that means that they need to be tied down to something in case they float away because they’re lighter than air light.
  • They’re part of the Floatride line, so they’re far more comfortable than they look. And given how good they look, that means that they‘re more comfortable than most of us can possibly imagine and that’s a whole different level of comfort. That’s probably why most dedicated runners are drawn to them like bees to honey.
  • Superbly engineered, the Floatride Run Fast uses a one-piece upper mesh in its construction, which aids stability and durability.


  • All that technology and comfort comes at a price. An incredibly steep, eye-watering price that most of us wouldn’t, and couldn’t, dare to think about paying for a pair of running shoes.  The Floatride Run Fast is a die-hard runners shoe and the cost reflects that.
Reebok Men's Floatride Run Fast Shoe, neon Lime/White/Black/red, 10 M US
  • Cushioned sole for comfort
  • Durable upper
  • Floatride Foam technology provides soft and lightweight cushioning for a responsive feel


Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer, Cool Shadow/Cold Grey, 10 M US

And last, but not least, on the list is the Nano 9 Cross Trainer.  Some runners like comfort, some runners like speed and some runners like to feel the road under their feet. The Nano 9 Cross Trainer is the shoe of choice for the latter. With a built-in cage to provide support and superior cushioning, the Nano 9 Cross Trainer is equally suitable for intense short burst sessions or gruelling long-distance runs.

The idea that runners only run is a thing of the past. The advent of cross-fit has drawn a new legion of gym savvy health-conscious, workout obsessed athletes to the world of running and the Nano 9 is a great shoe to help them to make the most out of all of their fitness-based pursuits.

Strong and durable due to its mixture of Rope Pro construction,  FlexWeave upper and TPU heel support, this highly dependable, and desirable, running shoe is a true chameleon and Jack of all trades. As reliable in the gym as it is on the open road, the Nano 9 is a comfortable, hard-wearing alternative for all-purpose training.


  • If you’re going to be lifting weights one minute and running ten kilometres the next, then you’re going to want, and need, a shoe that provides stability and comfort. The Nano 9 is that shoe. If the gym and the track are where you spend your free time, then the Nano 9 is the shoe for you. It’s that simple.
  • Like the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Nano 9 is built to last. Tough, reliable and durable it’ll see you through the most extreme workouts and punishing runs and when you’re finished, it’ll turn around and beg you to do it all over again.


  • Sizing can be an issue and it can be a struggle to find a pair that fit properly.
  • Prices are a little hit and miss depending on colour, size and gender. In the real world, none of those things matter, but in the world of Nano 9, for some strange reason, they do.
Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer, Cool Shadow/Cold Grey, 10 M US
  • Designed for: Varied CrossFit WODs
  • Low-cut design for added mobility
  • Closure Type: Lace Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reebok make good running shoes?

Running made Reebok’s name.  They practically invented the modern athletic shoe and if it wasn’t for Reebok, trainers, sneakers and running shoes as we know them today, wouldn’t exist. Admittedly, there was a time around the beginning of the millennium when they took their foot off the gas for a little while which allowed other brands to surge past them, but with the invention of their Floatride technology, they returned to the fold with a vengeance.

Having invested heavily in developing running shoes and creating a division within the company dedicated to pushing the technology that goes into every single shoe they produce, Reebok is, once more, a dominant force in the development and manufacture of running shoes.

Are Reebok running shoes comfortable?

Comfort seems to be at the forefront of everything that Reebok does. The Floatride system that most of their running shoes use is widely acknowledged to be one of the most comfortable platforms used in running shoes.  Favoured by runners and cross-fit athletes, Reebok has returned to doing what they do best and know that when it comes to running, comfort and durability are everything. Which is why they take both extremely seriously and ensure that their running shoes are some of the most comfortable footwear available for both amateur and professional athletes alike.

Are Reebok running shoes good value for money?

Value, like most things in life, is subjective and entirely dependent on individual perception. But with most of their running shoes coming in at under one hundred dollars, monetarily they’re a brand that provides incredible value.  There are, of course, exceptions to that rule as the higher up the running food chain you go, the more you demand from your running shoes and demand, in any and all areas of leisure, adds cost to whatever it is you’re paying for.  It’s one of life’s eternal truisms.

That said, there’s an old adage that states “You get what you pay for” and Reebok with more than a century of experience, have mastered the art of producing a good product for an affordable price. Are Reebok running shoes good value for money? Absolutely, and it’s one of the major reasons why Reebok are still making and selling, running shoes one hundred and twenty-five years after they sold their first pair.

Which Reebok shoes are right for me?

Unfortunately, that’s a question that only you can answer. You know what type of runner you are. You know the distances you prefer, your time per mile and what your personal best is. You know whether you want to push yourself harder and faster or just run for pleasure, and ultimately, you know better than anyone else what you’re looking for. What matters to you as a runner? Distance? Speed? Difficulty? Whatever it is, there’s a pair of Reebok running shoes for you, and maybe just maybe, we’ve been able to point you in the right direction. On your marks, get set… Go!