Best Velcro running and walking shoes

Velcro running shoes mean you can go running without having to fuss around tying laces, or worse tripping over laces.  They offer far more convenience than their lace up varieties - it’s easier to slip on and off, and you don’t have to constantly bend over to do them up because they keep coming undone.  They can be just as secure as their lace up counterparts, and sometimes more secure.

There are some excellent velcro running and walking shoes available on the market today, and we’ve handpicked out Top 5 to show you, that’s coming up very shortly.  After that we also have a handy buying guide for you which highlights some different factors that you might like to consider before you buy, and also provides answers to your most frequently asked questions, including ones about other alternatives to shoe lace fastenings.

Since velcro running shoes tend to be more popular with youngsters, we’ve been sure to include plenty of shoes for kids in our Top picks, as well as some for adults.

And whilst many people turn to velcro shoes because they want shoes that can be easily slipped on and off, we’re not going to show you slip-on shoes that aren’t velcro, simply because they don’t meet the criteria.  

It’s also worth noting at this point that velcro running shoes aren’t so easy to come by compared to velcro walking shoes.  We’ve tried to concentrate our product selection on running shoes, because whilst you can always walk in running shoes, you can’t always run in walking shoes.

Whilst we often focus our product selection on best seller charts in running shoes, unfortunately velcro running and walking shoes very rarely make the list.  We have however ensured that our product selection includes some big name brands and has had positive customer feedback.

Best Velcro running and walking shoes


Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro Sneaker, Black, 13 M US

Skechers are a very prominent, well established brand in the footwear industry.  When their comfort and performance focused took to the market in the 1990s they hit the ground running (pun intended!) and haven’t looked back.

What we love about Skechers shoes such as these is the brand’s own integrated memory foam insole, which adapts to your foot shape and gets more comfortable with every wear.

Now, you might think that the use of memory foam may well make for sweaty feet, however these shoes are designed to tackle this issue with their breathable mesh lining.

The shoe closure is composed of two hook-and-loop velcro straps to ensure a snug and secure comfortable fit.

For even further comfort there's also a padded collar and tongue.  

It has a flexible, durable rubber traction outsole, and a shock absorbing midsole. 

It comes in both black and white colour options ready to go with any outfit.  The available sizes start from a small 6.5  up to a 16 extra wide.

Customer feedback has been very positive, on the Amazon page for example after well over 350 individual customer ratings the average Amazon customer rating comes out at a whopping 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5. 


  • Prominent, well established brand

  • Integrated memory foam insole

  • Wear-with-anything color options

  • Positive customer feedback 


  • The colour options are very limited 

Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro Sneaker, Black, 13 M US
  • Dual-strap sneaker featuring lugged outsole and padded tongue and collar
  • Perforated hook-and-loop straps at vamp


Vionic Women's Brisk Aimmy Walking Shoes - Ladies Athleisure Shoe with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Black 10 Wide US

This is a great little running shoe from Vionic.

The standout feature of this shoe is that they have received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for their podiatrist-designed orthotic.

It also has a durable but flexible cushioned outsole, along with a synthetic knit lightweight breathable upper, and a removable mesh covered EVA footbed.  

It's easy to slip it on and off, with an elastic strap that criss-crosses at the top and is secured in place with hook and loop velcro.

It's three colour options are a great look for the gym, or just a general nice everyday casual look.  There are no ugly garish emblems or logos to speak of.  It's available in white, black, charcoal, blush and navy.

With regards to the different sizes available, They range from 5 to 12 and they include half sizes and wide sizes also.

They are also made in the great USA. 

Customer feedback has been very positive, for example on the Amazon page over 50% of the customers rated it 5 stars out of a possible 5. 


  • podiatrist-designed orthotic

  • flexible cushioned outsole

  • lightweight breathable upper

  • easy to slip it on and off

  • Relaxed casual look 

  • made in the great USA

  • Positive customer feedback 

  • Several different colour options 

  • include half sizes and wide sizes


  • Not suitable for those with narrow feet 

Vionic Women's Brisk Aimmy Walking Shoes - Ladies Athleisure Shoe with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Black 10 Wide US
  • Textile and Man-made Upper. Removable Mesh Covered EVA Footbed. Durable Rubber Outsole.
  • Received APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance
  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHOES: Keep it casual in style with Aimmy, featuring a knit upper and criss-cross, adjustable hook-and-loop strap for the perfect glove-like fit.


New Balance 455v2 Hook and Loop Running Shoe, Steel/Team Royal, 10.5 US Unisex Little Kid

Now this velcro running shoe for kids from New Balance offers an incredibly broad size range.  This is great because it means if they really love the shoe but have outgrown their first pair, you can very easily buy the same again in the next size up.  As a parent myself I know how handy this can be.

They cater for infants who may not yet be able to walk, right up to high school kids.  In each size range, there are full sizes, half sizes, and wide sizes available.

With regards to the colour options available, there are 21 different styles all together.   they are not assigned to a particular gender and are sold as unisex.  However we suspect that the pink varieties will be more popular with the girls.  Your child might well be drawn to the very colorful tie-dye styles.

Although the shoe has a velcro closure at the top it also sports the lace up look underneath, so they can look just like their older brothers and sisters.

The shoe has a durable rubber outsole, a breathable synthetic mesh upper, and an injection molded EVA foam lightweight midsole which offers flexibility and cushioning.

Customer feedback has been very positive, for example on the Amazon page more than three-quarters of customers rated the shoe at 5 stars out of a possible 5.


  • Excellent size range

  • Plenty of colour options

  • Colorful tie-dye styles

  • durable rubber outsole

  • breathable mesh upper

  • Foam lightweight midsole

  • Positive customer feedback 


  • Although it has a velcro closure, the shoe also has laces.

New Balance 455v2 Hook and Loop Running Shoe, Steel/Team Royal, 10.5 US Unisex Little Kid
  • The Ideal Cushioned Running Shoes for Kids: These kids' shoes feature IMEVA midsole cushioning to provide comfort and rebound, for just-right cushioning with each step on the playground
  • Breathable and Durable Kids Running Shoes: The synthetic and mesh upper provides incredible breathability and a durable fit and feel, while the strong rubber outsole adds traction and durability
  • Durable No-Sew Tip: These New Balance kids' running shoes feature a no-sew tip for durability, in addition to a sleek fit and feel, which is great for long days of outdoor play and nonstop fun


DREAM PAIRS Boys KD18001K Lightweight Breathable Running Athletic Sneakers Shoes Grey Orange, Size 3 M US Little Kid

These are great kids running shoes from Dream Pairs.  And not just because of the super affordable price point.

The color range isn’t that extensive, but they do have several of the bright and bold varieties that kids love.  There are several colors that will appeal to boys and to girls.

In addition to the velcro strap at the very top of the shoe, there’s also some elasticated lacing which doesn’t require any tying or knotting underneath.  This helps make the shoe look more like an older kids shoe.

It’s got all the features that make for a good shoe, such as a cushioned foam footbed, a lightweight molded EVA midsole for extra comfort and bounce, a mesh lining, a highly breathable fabric knit upper, and of course, a padded tongue and collar.

There’s even a breathable sock liner in place which is designed to not only keep moisture away, but also keep the foot odor free.

With regards to the different sizes available, it starts at a toddler’s size 8, and goes up to a big kid’s size 5.  Unfortunately, however there are no half or wide sizes available.

Customer feedback has been really positive on the whole.  On the Amazon page for example, you’ll see that after well over 250 individual customer ratings the average customer rating comes out at a very nice 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.


  • Excellent price point

  • Bright and bold color options

  • foam footbed

  • lightweight midsole

  • breathable fabric knit upper

  • Moisture management

  • Great customer feedback


  • No half sizes

  • No wide sizes

DREAM PAIRS Boys KD18001K Lightweight Breathable Running Athletic Sneakers Shoes Grey Orange, Size 3 M US Little Kid
  • Highly-breathable fabric knit upper offers dependable comfort.
  • Elasticized laces with hook-and-loop strap, and Padded tongue and collar.
  • Mesh lining and cushioned foam footbed for a great in-shoe feel.


V VICROAD Little Kid Lightweight Tennis Shoe Breathable Fashion Sneakers Blue Running Shoe with Velcro Boy Girl Size 12.5

This is a great velcro running shoe for kids from V Vicroad.

There’s a lot to love about it, especially it’s excellent price point.  And it’s available in all the main kids sizes.

There may only be the three color options available on this shoe, but that said, they are the most favored colors, namely blue, black, and pink.

What we love about this shoe is just how protective they are.  They feature a skid resistant outsole and an anti-collision toe cap.

They are super convenient to slide on and off thanks to the adjustable velcro hook and loop fastening.

They also feature a soft breathable fabric to line the foot, especially designed to keep the froot dry.

And better yet there's also a soft cushioning insole for extra comfort, support and stability. 

Despite only being made available at the end of May 2020, there’s already been some great customer feedback on this shoe, with nearly three quarters of Amazon customers rating it at 5 stars out of a possible 5.


  • Excellent price point

  • Popular color options

  • All the main sizes

  • skid resistant outsole

  • anti-collision toe cap

  • breathable fabric

  • cushioning insole

  • Great customer feedback


  • No wide sizes available

  • Only 3 color options available

  • We advise you to check the size chart before buying

V VICROAD Little Kid Lightweight Tennis Shoe Breathable Fashion Sneakers Blue Running Shoe with Velcro Boy Girl Size 12.5
  • Comfortable:The sole of running shoes has soft insole and EVA cushioning enclosed increases stability and support ,so it will be more comfortable to wear them,Suitable for all kinds of activities such...
  • Breathable: Breathable fabric and Lining-Soft woven mesh keeping the feet dry, offers maximum breath and comfort.
  • Convenient:The sneakers features a Hook-Loop closure for a secure fit on the foot easy to adjustable fit and take On/Off.

Best Velcro running and walking shoes - Buying Guide

What should I be looking for in a velcro running and walking shoe?

When choosing what you want to use for both running and walking, it’s best to choose running shoes if you can.  This is because whilst you can always walk in running shoes, you can’t always run in walking shoes.

And when it comes to what features you should look out for, it’s pretty much the same as buying any running shoe.  You should look out for an outsole that’s both durable and flexible, rubber is very good for this, a breathable upper, preferably one with a liner to wick sweat away from the foot, and plenty of cushioning and bounce in the midsole.

Other than that there’s also things like how well the shoe meets your personal style, and how it will look as an accessory to the remainder of your outfits.

It also pays to know your shoe size and to check any size charts you can find for a particular shoe before you buy.

If you’re buying for a growing youngster, and they really like a particular style of shoe, it also helps if the shoe is from a range that features half sizes as well as full sizes.  That way as they start to grow out of one size, or it sees a lot of day to day wear and tear, then you can simply grab the next size up for them.

Brand vs Cost

Some people swear by particular well established brands when it comes to running shoes.  And these premium products do come at a premium price.  As to whether these brands are necessarily that much better than the new-comers on the market, to be honest the jury is still out.  

Our general recommendation is that if you’ve heard really good things about a particular brand, and it sounds like just what you’re looking for, then by all means buy the shoe if it falls within your budget.  Sometimes trial and error is the only route to the best results.

It is worth noting at this point however, that if you’re buying for youngsters, their feet are still growing.  And in these instances you will be better off sticking with the more affordable brands.  That is at least until the child starts learning about the different brands, and wants to be just like their favorite athletes.  

What is the difference between hook and loop and velcro?

The short answer is that there is no difference between them.  Velcro, if you look at it closely, is fabric composed of tiny hooks on one side, designed to fasten with tiny loops on another piece of fabric.  “Velcro” is simply the trademark name given to it back when it was first  invented many moons ago.

Are velcro shoes safe for running?

If you’ve already tried looking for velcro running shoes you may have noticed that there don’t seem to be as many around as there ought to be considering the gap in the market.  So you’ve probably wondered whether such shoes are not there because they’re not deemed sufficiently safe for running.

Several sporting organisations insist that for their more competitive sports, athletes should wear traditional lace up shoes.

But that’s not to say however that you should not be able to wear velcro running shoes recreationally.

And when it comes to buying velcro running shoes for youngsters that’s another matter.  Children love to run around, but they don’t always love to do their laces up (unless they want to practice or show off), and to be honest children will sometimes fall when they’re out playing regardless of what shoes they happen to be wearing.

At what age should children be able to tie their own laces?

Developing sufficient fine motor skills to be able to tie your own shoe laces takes time, and whilst the age at which they can do so can differ considerably from child to child, they do not usually have sufficient coordination to do this until they are at least 5 years of age.

What are the other alternatives to lace shoe fastenings?

For those who don’t like having to deal with tying shoe laces, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are several different alternatives that you can look into and maybe even try out.

First of all, in case you weren’t already aware, you can get running shoes and walking shoes that you simply slide on and off.  These are available for both men and women.

However, if you ever wanted to convert a more traditional running shoe into a slip on, there are several products that you buy which use a different material in place of the shoe’s laces, which once threaded through the shoe, can then be locked into place rather than tied.

One such example is the Lock Laces brand.  It’s available in several different colors including black and white.  It has really been flying off the shelves at Amazon and other sites, and is available at very affordable prices too.  Better yet it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Because they are elastic, the laces will conform to the shape of your foot, giving you a snug, customized fit.  They were originally designed for triathletes, but they’ve now become popular across the board.