Body Bodylastics vs. Black Mountain: Which one is best?

One of the primary goals for any human being is to live a healthy life. But this requires lots of work and a tremendous amount of commitment. One of the crucial aspects of living healthy is exercising, and you need the right tools to do it. Among the most popular exercise tools, you can use resistance bands.

But, like any other product in the market today, there are distinct types of resistance bands. The most popular brands today are Bodylastics and Black Mountain. Bodylastics has a wide variety of resistance bands, in different weights. Apart from the resistance bands, Bodylastics also includes other necessary workout parts.


Some of these parts are handles, door anchor straps, and attached carabiners. Black Mountain also makes a variety of resistance bands. The set includes two handles, five stackable resistance bands, and an exercise manual. It also comes with a carrying bag.

A Comparison Table


Bodylastics Resistance Bands

Black Mountain stackable Ultimate Resistance bands


Anti-snap Technology

Loop Design


Can be used to work out all parts of the body

Can be used to work out all parts of the body


Quite expensive



Its Anti-snap technology prevents the band from snapping back

Does not have a safety feature in place

Comparing these two products can help you choose the right resistance set. We will base our comparison on the following areas:

  • Design
  • Usage
  • Cost
  • Safety

Bodylastics Review

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set - Max Tension Set with Patented Anti-Snap Elastics, Clips, Handles, Door Anchor, Legs & Wrist Straps, Bag - Home Workout Equipment for Men, Women - 96 lbs, 5 Cables

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Set - Max Tension Set with Patented Anti-Snap Elastics, Clips, Handles, Door Anchor, Legs & Wrist Straps, Bag - Home Workout Equipment for Men, Women - 96 lbs, 5 Cables
  • ✅ NEW! NEW! NEW! We now Offer FREE (No Credit Card Required) Access to OUR Massive Training Portal! Choose from over 5600 On-Demand Workouts For Muscle Building, Cardio & Flexibility at the Company...
  • ✅ 04-30-2021 Named BEST Resistance Bands by The Wirecutter, A New York Times Company.
  • ✅ PATENTED SNAP REDUCTION & SAFETY DESIGN - Every Bodylastics resistance band incorporates our amazing Snap Guard inner safety cord. This amazing cord is super strong. It will prevent damage to the...

Black Mountain Review

Black Mountain Products - Ultimate Resistance Band Set with Starter Guide

Black Mountain Products - Ultimate Resistance Band Set with Starter Guide
  • MULTIPLE BANDS - Bands included: Yellow 2-4lbs, blue 4-6lbs, green 10-12lbs, black 15-20lbs, Red 25-30lbs, orange 35-40lbs and purple 45-50lbs
  • USE TOGETHER - Any band can be used together at one-time to create multiple levels of resistance
  • METAL CLIPS - Features metal clipping System on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps


The first distinctive difference between these two products is their design. The design of each resistance band set sets the precedence on their quality.


Bodylastics use patented anti-snap technology to make their resistance bands. This technology places a cord inside Bodylastics surgical tubing. This cord then aids in preventing over-stretching. Another function of the anti-snap technology is to keep the bands from overstretching. This then prevents the band from breaking.

It also includes a continuous dipped Malaysian latex. This helps make the resistance band elastic. If the inner cord breaks, the Malaysian latex keeps the cord from snapping back. For its clips, Bodylastics use a patented clip design. The clip design comes with a patented O-shaped ring and solid iron. ensures workouts and band changes are effective.

Using high-quality materials is top-priority in Bodylastics. It allows them to create different components to use with the bands. These bands also use more latex, which guarantees even more resistance.

Black Mountain Products

Black mountain resistance bands come in a set of five resistance bands, ankle strap and a door anchor. They also come with two cushioned foam handles’

Their lightest band rates between 2-to-4 lbs. of resistance. However, the heaviest band rates between 25-to-30 lbs. Black Mountain Products have handles that have plain foam grip.


The primary function of best resistance bands is to help work your muscles like weights. But the only difference between the two is that you are fighting against the stretchy band. You are not fighting against gravity. It is what both Black Mountain vs Bodylastics band sets do. Despite performing the same function, these brands target various body parts.


These bands set targets specific muscles. The muscles you work by using these bands are your biceps, chest muscles, legs, triceps, abs, and joints. These bands are popular because training with Bodylastics guarantees no injuries or pain.

Black Mountain Products

Black Mountain resistance uses a loop system to design its band set. This makes them perfect for use when working the legs and glutes. Black Mountain also has a stretching strap that you use to stretch after every workout. Stretching is a crucial part of working out. It helps improve mobility and increases your recovery time.


Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing between these two products. These two brands have different prices. Various factors influence the decision on price. Some elements are the bands' resistance, material quality, and durability. If a brand meets all these aspects, then the resistance brand set has a higher price.


Between the two, Bodylastics is more expensive. The reason for their high cost in price is their sturdy nature. They also use high-quality materials to make these resistance bands.

Black Mountain Products 

Black Mountain resistance bands set have affordable prices. The pricing of this brand is cheaper because the training only targets your legs and glutes. They are also not that durable compared to Bodylastics resistance bands.


Your safety is a constant concern, especially when using resistance bands to exercise. Bands that cater for this aspect come with several safety measures in place. It ensures you can work out without the risks of acquiring any injuries.


The patented anti-slip design that the Bodylastics band has is its safety measure. This design prevents you from pulling the resistance band too much. It also keeps the resistance bands from breaking.

The material on the cord also protects you from the band popping. Rather than have the ankle straps whip back in place, the Bodylastics band's contract at a slow pace.

Black Mountain Products 

Unlike Bodylastics, this strength training set has no safety measure in place. But their lightweight nature ensures that the products snap back in place.


Both brands are flexible and portable. They also have exceptional resistance levels. You can carry them in your gym bag. But their weights differ. This difference affects your buying decision. 


These resistance bands have a similar weight size to body weights. They may fit in a gym bag but can be heavy to carry. Their weight also makes them as useful as body weights in building muscles.

Black Mountain Products 

Black Mountain resistance bands are lightweight, and this makes them portable. You can carry them with you to the gym or when traveling.


You can use these two resistance bands brand to perform a variety of workouts. But, for full-body workouts, make sure you use Bodylastics resistance bands. The best thing about Black Mountain bands, you also get an inclusive exercise manual.

Make sure you use the door anchor clips to steady yourself when using any of these resistance bands. It not only helps you maximize the use of each; it also prevents injuries.

Final Recount


This resistance band set has won 3/5 features. Its design, effectiveness, and safety are the primary reason Bodylastics is better. Despite being a little pricey, purchasing this set is a worthwhile investment.

It can also work on different body parts unlike black Mountain products

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Black Mountain Products

This bands set has won 2/5 features. This item is affordable and portable, making it easy for you to use anywhere. Its price is also affordable, meaning that you do not have to save for ages to get a set. You can also use its stretching band to relax your muscles after a tiring workout.

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Winner: Bodylastics 

Pros and Cons of Each



  • It comes with a safety feature
  • Compatible with different accessories
  • Provides a wide variety of exercise 


  • These bands are quite heavy
  • Comes with only two handles

Black Mountain Products


  • It is portable
  • Comes with a variety of resistance bands you can use for various purposes
  • Durable


  • These bands are quite heavy
  • Comes with only two handles 

Given a choice between the two, the obvious choice would be Bodylastics. With Bodylastics, you are sure of excellent resistance levels. You also get a long durability period. You can also use the hook for ankle straps and as a door anchor.

Final Verdict

Despite the differences, the decision to buy remains a personal one. Thus, ensure you buy one based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of mountain resistance bands are best?

If we look at Bodylastics vs Black Machine, Bodylastics is the best.

Do mountain resistance bands work?

Yes, they work. Resistance bands help in strengthening your muscles. They also help your body relax after a long tiring day

Are fabric resistance bands better?

No, fabric resistance bands are not better. They are less elastic, less versatile, and costly compared to other brands in the market.

Do resistance bands have latex?

Yes, resistance bands have latex.

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