Best Exercise Bike Seats – 2021’s Top Reviews

Cycling is a great way to stay physically active as a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It offers a good muscle workout by using all the major muscle groups as you pedal, and can increase strength, stamina and aerobic fitness levels. Indoor cycling has proved to be popular fitness trend that’s here to stay, with high-intensity spinning classes such as ‘Soul Cycle’ popping up everywhere.

Purchasing your own spin bike can be a really wise investment and will allow you to set your own pace and take control of your home workout. Indoor cycling is definitely worth giving a go if you’re looking for an activity which can offer a full-body workout from the comfort of your home. 

Investing in a indoor exercise bike can be a big expense, so it can be really disappointing to find that your spin bike has an uncomfortable seat. Indeed, seats are rarely well-padded on spin bikes because standing up is considered to be an important part of the workout.

That said, an uncomfortable seat can ruin your enjoyment of the experience and deter you from establishing a regular workout routine. If your spin bike has an uncomfortable default seat, why not invest in a new replacement seat that will help you get the most out of your workout? 

Best Exercise Bike Seats

Here we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite exercise bike seats so that you can have a safe and comfortable workout, whether you’re a beginner or a cycling pro. We’ve studied all there is to know about the best exercise bike seats, and have explored all the factors that you should keep in mind in our handy buyer’s guide.

Don’t forget to check out our useful frequently asked questions for more information on how to make the best choice for your cycling needs. 

Top 5 Best Exercise Bike Seats


Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Bike Saddle - RoyalGel Cushion with Foam Matrix and Water Resistant Cool Cover Protection, Black, Medium (5130HRTA891L4)

Our first offering, the Selle Royal Gel Seat, is designed with a non-toxic gel formulation to maximize comfort. It reduces pressure peaks by up to 40% compared to other standard padding materials. This has a big impact on comfort levels and the gel make-up should not harden, age or migrate over time, making this a high-quality, durable product that should stand the test of time.

The unique sealing technology on this one means that the saddle is 100% sealed and is 20% lighter than other replacement bike seats of a similar ilk. The sealing technology is a really valuable feature as it means that moisture is prevented from seeping into the gel technology. There is also a useful ventilation chamber which is integrated into the seat itself and is designed to reduce pressure in the perineal area.

This ensures that the saddle remains cool, whether you are actively using the bike or if it is left uncovered. The seat cover is designed to be up to 25 degrees cooler than other black saddles thanks to its special material which reflects sunlight, meaning that it will heat up at a significantly slower rate than many other exercise bike seats. The structure of the seat itself features a foam Matrix open cell design which offers increased elasticity and breathability for the user.

The Selle Royal saddle also features an integrated clip system that is great for easy accessory attachment. Overall, the Selle Royal is an ideal choice for anyone looking to maximize their level of workout or go for longer distance rides, without compromising on comfort.

This convenience is reflected in the price however, and this bike seat will set you back more than other seats may, but we feel that the unique soft padding material justifies the extra expense. 


  • Reduces pressure peaks by up to 40% compared to other standard padding materials 
  • Ventilation chamber keeps the seat cool and limits moisture levels 
  • Breathable technology 
  • Built to retain shape 
  • High-quality and durable


  • Fairly expensive option
  • May be more suitable for more advanced cyclists rather than beginners
Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Bike Saddle - RoyalGel Cushion with Foam Matrix and Water Resistant Cool Cover Protection, Black, Medium (5130HRTA891L4)
  • Experience the Royal Gel REVOLUTION- Royal Gel s the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by up to 40%. Its revolutionary non-toxic gel formulation is not to harden, age or migrate over...
  • Royal vacuum light technology- selle royal’s unique sealing technology allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and 20% lighter than ordinary saddles of the same category. This stops moisture from...
  • Cool cover and ventilation Channel- cover is up to 25 degrees cooler than normal Black saddles due to their special material which reflects sunlight. Unique ventilation Channel keeps the saddles cool...


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The affordably priced SGODDE Gel Indoor Bike Seat Replacement would make an excellent replacement bike seat for your exercise bike. As its name suggests, the SGODDE offers a full seat replacement rather than just additional padding or a cushion to go over the existing default seat.

The seat cushion itself is produced using high-quality foam and artificial gel padding. The use of non-slip waterproof polyurethane leather make for a very comfortable and practical seat which should suit cyclists of varying experience levels. Soft and durable, the SGODDE seat is ergonomically shaped to allow the thighs to move freely while riding and help to prevent friction.

Suitable for both men and women, it is an anatomically supportive option and works well in distributing pressure from your back across the surface of the saddle to help eliminate sit bone pain. 

The deep center cutout helps to reduce prostate pressure problems and enhances comfort and breathability. This model has been designed to feature double stainless rails and a highly resistant shell under the bike saddle itself to absorb shock and offer better protection for the user.

The material is anti-scratch and should last well thanks to its durable and wear-resistant properties. SGODDE also offer a 1 year warranty service with this bike seat, which is always handy to have and means that you can rest assured that any issues you may experience can be resolved.

This seat is a common, universal size and should offer users easy installation. Also included with this one is a 7/8 inch seat clamp, which can be easily removed to allow it to be installed in other ways. 


  • Full replacement seat rather than just an additional cushion to cover existing default exercise bike seat
  • High quality foam and artificial gel padding 
  • Non-slip waterproof PU leather 
  • Soft and durable  
  • Enhanced comfort and shock absorption 
  • Versatile design suitable for men and women (unisex)
  • Anatomically supportive 
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce prostate pressure problems
  • Affordable choice


  • A couple of users commented that they had found the surface of the bike seat to be slippery

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Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle, Wide Saddle, Gel, Black

This next option is a great choice for maximum comfort and support while you cycle. The brand ‘Schwinn’ is a trusted, popular choice amongst the cycling community and have been producing bicycles and accessories since 1898. The Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle is a wide, clean-lined design which offers a really smooth ride thanks to the extra soft padding and wide saddle structure for additional stability.

Specifically designed for a smoother ride, the gel padding in this one molds to your body shape to enhance comfort and is constructed with special elastomer springs which provide extra cushioning. Its universal design means it should work well on any standard bike seat post and be fairly quick and easy to install.

The soft foam interior and suspension coils make this one an ideal choice if you’re looking for something really soft and protective. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular choice amongst cyclists, and many reviews comment on how comfortable the seat itself is.

If you’re looking for a seat which will accommodate longer or high intensity workouts, the Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle may be your best bet in terms of comfort and protection. The material on the seat itself is soft and breathable and should be durable. 


  • Wide design offers additional stability 
  • High level of comfort 
  • Gel padding molds to your body shape 
  • Constructed with elastomer springs to provide additional cushioning 
  • Universal design should work well on any standard bike post
  • Soft and breathable


  • There is not a great deal of information available on whether or not this seat comes with a warranty 
Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle, Wide Saddle, Gel, Black
  • Enjoy a smooth ride thanks to extra-soft padding and wide bike saddle construction for additional stability
  • Gel padding molds to your body shape and elastomer springs provide cushion for an even smoother ride
  • Designed for adult bicycles


Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made for Road & Mountain Bikes

The Bikeroo Comfortable Men’s Exercise Bike Seat is highly rated and said to be one of the most comfortable bike seats on the market. The seat is really well-padded to maximize comfort and make longer workouts more enjoyable.

The premium memory foam absorbs shock, relieves pressure points and protects your sit bones and lower back while you cycle, which will make your workout all the more enjoyable. This memory foam will essentially mold to your shape and should not displace or migrate as a regular seat cover or pad might.

The central perineal cutout allows for ventilation and enhances the rider’s comfort. Also included with this Bikeroo seat is a waterproof seat cover (although not a necessity for an indoor bike this is always handy to have), mounting tools, and full mounting instructions. Customers will also receive a handy e-book with plenty of useful information.

This particular seat is designed for men primarily, and has been shaped according to the male anatomy to provide maximum comfort and relieve pressure on the prostate.

The Bikeroo seat offers a universal fit and free adaptor so should fit most bicycles and exercise bikes comfortably. The premium quality, soft padding and durable materials on this one make it a wise choice for your exercise bike. 


  • Well-padded thanks to the premium memory foam 
  • Maximum comfort 
  • Central perineal cutout allows for ventilation 
  • Includes waterproof cover, mounting tools and full mounting instructions 
  • Soft and durable 
  • Ideal for longer workouts


  • Designed for men so may not be a suitable option for women
Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Bicycle Seat for Men & Women with Padded Comfort, Mounting Tools, & Waterproof Rain Cover, Replacement Bike Saddle Made for Road & Mountain Bikes
  • A Cloud of Comfortable: Give your sit bones some support with these memory foam bike seats as you pedal off to the finish line
  • Universal Fit: The bike seat cushion for men, comfort assured, has a universal saddle mount that works for your mountain bike, road bike, & more
  • Easy Installation: Mounting instructions & tools, along with a saddle adapter, make upgrading your padded bike seat no sweat


Zacro Gel Bike Saddle - BS053 Dual Spring Designed Suspension Artificial Leather Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle with 1 Mounting Wrench (Black)

At first glance, given the tiny ratings volumes (in comparison to the other options laid out in this article), you may wonder at this shoe’s inclusion in our best-of rankings. The Brooks Dyad 11 is the hidden gem and much-loved secret of running groups up and down the US.

Two things distinguish this shoe. Firstly, it's geared at people with moderate arches, the recently injured, or those who do not benefit from exaggerated arch support. This shoe is the flat-footed runner's rubber sole of discretion. It's light (barely 10oz) and does not have the chunky feel of many stability shoes.

It has a very straight last with Dual Arch Pods providing stability in the midsole, and it is a roomy, wide fit (to protect ankles against missteps) while the sockliner has a plush feel to it.

The second key selling point is its adaptability. The trademarked Bio MoGo DNA cushioning is formulated to adapt to your weight, speed and size, but the Dyad 11's chief popularity comes from the fact that it's chiefly intended as a comfortable vessel into which you can insert your own orthotics.

Reviews of both the male and female designs make references to walking on clouds, comfort for extra wide feet, and the relief for those who suffer bunions as well as damaged arches. It is not the most flexible of designs (with rigid traction pods beneath the sole where you would usually see a cut-away) but they still look sleeker than earlier designs and the updated mesh is thought to be a closer, more breathable fit.


  • Adhesion to the midsole makes it feel lighter than it is
  • Particularly strong support in the ankle
  • Elegant, sleek design which hides its function as a stability shoe


  • The inbuilt cushioning is a little on the hard side
  • Not the best for speed practices or events
Zacro Gel Bike Saddle - BS053 Dual Spring Designed Suspension Artificial Leather Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle with 1 Mounting Wrench (Black)
  • PU and dual-density gel foam padding is soft and elastic that save you from cycling pain
  • Carbon steel coil dual spring suspension helps smooth out bumps
  • Thicker soft saddle make you feel more comfortable, and easy mounting with the help of Zacro wrench.

Best Exercise Bike Seats - Buying Guide

Below are a couple of factors to consider when looking for a exercise bike replacement seat to ensure you find the best fit for you. 


It is always a good idea to look at the material of your chosen exercise bike seat. You will want a durable fabric that is both comfortable and breathable. A faux leather will often make a good choice if you’re after something that will offer a high level of comfort. If the material is too firm or synthetic, you may find the surface could be slippery or cause you discomfort during your workout. 


You may not think about the shape of your bike seat but this is, in fact, quite an important factor to think about. Many exercise bike seats are designed and shaped in such a way to better accommodate either men or women based on the body shape of each gender. It is always worth checking the design specifications and making your choice accordingly to ensure you find the best fit for you. Unisex bike seats are also widely available, although may not offer the same degree of comfort in terms of shape.


Having a ventilation chamber integrated into the middle of the bike seat can make a big difference to your comfort as you cycle. Having this cutout ensures that the seat has a breathable feel and can help to reduce moisture levels. If you’re planning to use your exercise bike for longer or more intensive workouts, you will definitely want to think about ventilation. 

Installation Equipment 

Many exercise bike seats come with free adapters to allow for quick and easy installation. This is a really handy tool to have and will also mean that you can install the seat on other types of bikes, including both indoor and outdoor, if needed. Not every bike seat comes with a free adapter however, so it’s always worth checking the small print to see if it’s included in your package. 


Naturally, the padding of your chosen bike seat is paramount to your comfort as you ride. Look for an ergonomically designed cushioned seat that will support your sit bones adequately to maximize your comfort. Many exercise bike seats are designed using a range of materials and gels to make the seat comfortable. Going for an option that is formulated with memory foam should mold to your body shape well and provide a good level of comfort. Bike seats such as the Zacro BS053 model have been produced with a dual-density gel foam padding, which is designed to be soft and elastic. 


Replacement bike seats vary a lot in terms of price. Value for money is always an important consideration. Think about how much you plan to use the seat and which design features are important to you. Durability is often reflected in the price. If you’re after an affordably priced bike seat, the lightweight and comfortable SGODDE Gel Indoor Bike Seat may be a good option for you.

Best Exercise Bike Seats FAQ's

Should I choose a narrow or wide bike seat?

This choice really depends on your individual riding preferences and body structure. Narrower style bike seats are generally regarded to be best for more intense workouts as they are designed to cause less friction and chaffing on your inner thighs. A wider seat may be a more practical choice for you if you are intending to do less intensive or vigorous physical workouts. Other factors such as seat padding and ventilation may well be more important considerations and are likely to make a bigger difference to your workout than the seat dimensions will. 

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