Echelon Flex Bike Ultra w Resistance Bands by Fitnation Review

With the Fitnation flex bike ultra w resistance bands, you can pedal past all your goals. It is probably one of the very few fitness pieces of equipment which would provide you with adjustable magnetic resistance. But before delving further into the broader specifications, let's have a quick overview of the Fitnation bike.

It is clear from this quick overview that the Fitnation bike is your best bet when the context is about home workouts. Now let's take a glance at the respective pros and cons of this Fitnation bike.

Reviewing the Echelon Flex Bike 


Echelon Flex Bike Ultra (Royal)

Well, given the past designs of exercise bikes, it is evident for you to cringe. It is almost impossible to come across those exercise bikes nowadays. This is precisely where the Fitnation bike ultra comes to the fore.

In other words, it is much more than an exercise bike. Not only can you paddle for exercise, but you can also use the upper body resistance bands to strengthen your arms and muscles at the same time. Well, the reviews of the flex bike ultra are stupendous and positive.

One of the highlighting traits of this bike is that you can even sit in various positions to pursue multiple types of workouts. For instance, you can lean back and hold the handlebars at the sides of your body.

Note that the Fitnation flex bike ultra is for beginners and experienced riders. The height of the seat can be adjusted based on the height and weight of the user. One of the most astounding features of the Fitnation flex bike ultra is that it comes with an LCD display.

This LCD display has six functions in the form of speed, time, distance, calories, scan, and pulse. But apart from these, various highlighting traits make the Fitnation flex bike ultra special. Let’s find out! 


  • Equipped with LCD display which comprises six functions in the form of speed, scan, calories, time, distance pulse
  • Comes with fold-up design with wheels for easy transportation
  • This Fitnation flex bike ultra is compact
  • Facilitates a quiet and smooth operation
  • Comprises a good seat cushioning which is ideal to pursue various forms of exercises


  • Fitnation flex bike ultra provides relatively low magnetic resistance at times
  • Upper body fine-tuning is not that great
  • Echelon Flex Bike Ultra w Resistance Bands  - Buying Guide

    Why use the Fitnation Flex Bike Ultra?

    To be precise, it's not just the features that make the Fitnation flex bike ultra stand out. It is one of the very few exercise bikes which is equipped with a multilevel simulator. A multilevel simulator allows you to adjust the load. This flex ultra also will enable you to accelerate the movement and increase workout intensities. 

    By increasing the workout intensity, you can gain high results in fitness. It also comes with an ergonomic design with the help of which users of any build can freely exercise on it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a Slim Cycle Any Good?

    It is a great choice to perform upper and lower body exercises at home.

    How Do You Use Resistance Bands on a Stationary Bike?

    Usually, exercises come equipped with resistance bands built-in. However, in most cases, you can loop a band around the post of your exercise bike,

    What is a Flex Bike?

    Flex bike provides you with various levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. You can also carry out upper body workouts.


    It is evident from the points as mentioned above that it is one of the versatile fitness devices you can ever have in your home. So forget all your worries about visiting the gym and pursue several types of exercises with this phenomenal bike.

    Last Updated on by Adam Smith

    Last Updated on by Adam Smith