Best Folding Exercise Bikes – Compact Spin Bike Reviews

Let’s face it - as prices for things change, apartments and homes are getting smaller and smaller as time goes on, and life just keeps getting busier. As a result of that, people would rather not buy furniture that’s heavy and doesn’t have a lot of portability, and many people are sure that they simply don’t have enough time to exercise.

Because of this, as far as exercise is concerned, people need things that are portable, foldable, and something that can connect with their busy life and fitness needs. The best folding exercise bike is what you need in this situation. You may have a large house but you need to save some space so your bedroom doesn’t turn into a home gym - a folding exercise bike is just the solution.

Best Folding Exercise Bikes

Once you’re finished with your exercise, you can simply fold the bike and then put it into a corner. You can even keep one in your office to use during your lunch break!

If you are planning on buying folding bikes that have desk stations, then spending a little above that range should keep you covered. We’ve scoured the internet and hunted down the best foldable exercise bikes, and after trying them out for ourselves and comparing them, we’ve whipped up this list for you to find the best option for you.

Our Top 5 Folding Exercise Bikes


Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike, 8 Levels of Resistance Stationary Bike, Bluetooth tracking & Tablet Holder options available

This is definitely one of the best folding exercise bikes out there. But why? To start with, this is a lightweight option but it’s still able to hold a lot of weight. It’s very comfortable to sit on but you can also fold it into a compact size in order to store it easily. 

The bike is very durable and it doesn’t shake when you’re exercising. If you live in a little space or you don’t want an option that takes up a lot of space, then this is a great choice for you. For such a low price, this is definitely a bargain bike. Here are a few of the features that the Exerpeutic Exercise Bike has on offer.

Frame: People that are from 5 foot 3 to 6 foot 1 can sit on the bike easily. The frame features a heavy duty design, is able to take up to 300 lbs of weight. You can get on or off the bike with ease so it’s very comfortable during workouts. The bike has a dimension of 31 inches L by 19 inches W by 46 Inches H and it weighs 42.8 pounds in total.

Sitting Arrangements: The seat is very comfortable and has a larger cushion, so you are not limited by your size if you want to use this bike. The seat can be adjusted, can be moved up and down fairly quickly and with minimal trouble. 


The bike has an incredibly 8 level resistance system so it can still be challenging for you even if you are more experienced. It has magnetic tension control which will allow the user to be able to adjust the resistance level to get either a more difficult or an easier workout, depending on your current experience level. If you are a beginner, you should probably start from the early levels and then increase them gradually as you go. 

Console and Display

One thing that’s particularly awesome about the Exerpeutic folding bike is that it has a big LCD monitor that you can use to track your training data. The screen will show you how many calories have been burned throughout your workout. It also has a dual hand pulse tracker. It even displays the heart rate on the monitor. In addition to that, you can also keep track of your speed, resistance level and your exercise time using the display.


You can fold the bike down and then put it into the corner of whatever room it is in with ease. When it is folded down, the size is roughly half of the assembled size. The bike also has a transportation wheel so it’s pretty easy to move it after your exercise. 

Leg Stabilizers

The bike comes with a set of leg stabilizers that help to give even more security. These leg stabilizers can help the bike to stand still when someone is using it. 


  • Considering the price that’s on offer, the bike provides a sturdy basis and a user friendly design. It’s a fantastic choice when you think about the features on offer and what it would otherwise cost you to go to the gym.
  • The data provided by the pulse tracker is pretty accurate
  • It has an adjustable seat so people of varying sizes from 5 foot 3 to 6 foot 1 can use the bike with ease.
  • The bike doesn’t take up a lot of space in your room
  • The v drive and the flywheel will give the users a smooth and practically noiseless exercise. You can even watch your favorite tv shoes while you exercise


  • If you are under 5 foot 1, then the bike and the seat may seem a little too big for you
  • Some users have reported that the pedals are mounted somewhat forward, which took them a little while to get used to
Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike, 8 Levels of Resistance Stationary Bike, Bluetooth tracking & Tablet Holder options available
  • 【ENOUGH RESISTANCE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS】- Level 1 is perfect for beginners while Level 8 will make anyone work for it. Other bikes don't come close to our max resistance. Don't waste money on a...
  • 【300 POUND WEIGHT CAPACITY】- Solid steel frame has been providing safe and effective workouts for over 10 years.
  • 【COMPACT & QUIET】- Perfect for smaller spaces, this exercise bike folds into a 22" x 20" footprint. So quiet, you won't disturb anyone in the room.


Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance for Cardio Workout and Strength Training NS-652

The Marcy NS-652 is a pretty standard and basic bike, so a lot of people new to exercising are going to feel comfortable when they use it. The bike is durable and has pretty much all of the features that the majority of people seek out in an exercise bike. It’s possible to move the seat all the way up and down in accordance with your height. The bike also has a monitor that will show you all of the useful data that you need from your workout. It’s also foldable so it can be stored easily after you use it. 

There are a couple of things that you should first consider before you think about getting this bike, however.


This bike is very lightweight and sturdy. Because it is an affordable price, you may be inclined to believe that the bike wouldn’t be sturdy but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can feel safe while you exercise with this bike! 

The bike has a nice and solid base which lets you exercise without you needing to worry about rocking the bike. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, it’s incredibly durable and should be useful to you for many years. 

In fact, a lot of people that have already bought and used this bike have said that the bike can go for many years without requiring any maintenance. Even if you do encounter any problems, the frame comes with a good warranty so you can trust the product, you don’t even need to worry.


The bike comes with a seat padded using high density foam. It’s possible to move this seat up and down. A lot of people are happy with the seat, but there are some users that have reported that the seat isn’t very comfortable. With that being said though, if this does end up being a problem for you then you can just use a seat cover in order to make it more comfortable to use. The bike has a minimum seat height of 32 inches, and the maximum seat height is 36 inches. You should always consider before you buy your exercise bike whether the height range is going to suitably match your height or not, though.

In addition to this, the bike is completely noiseless. You don’t need to worry about people getting disturbed because the bike doesn’t make any noise. Because of this, it’s possible to ride it whenever you want, whether it’s morning, evening or night.

The handlebars are also very comfortable, covered with a rubber coated grip to make it easier to use for longer periods of time.


The only thing that you can adjust is the seat. You can adjust the seat to fit the size of the user, between 5 feet and 6 foot 3. A lot of user reviews, however, have reported that 5 foot 2 is the minimum height that’s needed. For people who are shorter than this, it can be difficult to reach the paddles and it can feel a little bit uncomfortable. If you’re taller than 6 foot 3 though you shouldn’t buy this bike because your leg probably won’t match the height that’s between the seat and the paddles. Otherwise, it’s very easy to adjust the bike. A lot of people can use it just by adjusting the size.

Additional Tip:

Everyone is different, so of course if you aren’t the only person using the exercise bike then you’re going to have to keep on adjusting the exercise bike, correct? That’s not the case! You can adjust the size once to make the best fit for you, and from there create a permanent mark on the pole to prevent any further messing around with it.


The pedals of this bike are made out of sturdy plastic. This means that they don’t get slapped and that they also have straps that are designed to help keep your shoes in place as you ride. If you have pretty big feet and you find that the straps are somewhat small for your feet, then try to remove the straps and begin peddling. The pedals aren’t positioned directly beneath the seat like they are with a regular bicycle. Instead, they are positioned in front of the seat, so if you use bicycles then you may find this a bit tricky to use. After you’ve used it for a while though it will be comfortable for you.


The bike comes with eight total levels of resistance that are marked. The level 1 resistance is pretty much so light that it doesn’t feel like any resistance at all. When you use the level 8 resistance it’s a lot harder to pedal. These marks will help you to be able to plan your exercise. The lower resistance levels are great for beginners, but if you want a little bit more of a challenge then you should opt for the tougher resistance levels. As a whole though it has a lot of great resistance that can help you to burn calories easily. 


As this bike can be folded down, it’s pretty effective as far as storage is concerned. When folded, the dimensions are 18.5 x 20 x 45 inches. It’s very easy and fast to fold it down too, all you need to do is remove the safety pin on the center of the bike, then push the legs together and insert the safety pin once more. Voila, it’s folded!

There aren’t any wheels to transport this bike so you will need to lift or drag it to wherever you plan on storing it. It only weighs 35 lbs though, so it’s not too tricky to transport it. 

Drive Type

This bike has a pretty smooth and silent belt drive. You don’t need to worry about the drive slipping, regardless of the resistance level you are at. It’s also enclosed so you need not be concerned about pets or toddlers reaching it.


The bike comes with a basic console that’s put in the middle of the handlebars. This measures time, distance, speed, calories and the overall distance of all of your workouts. Of course, it doesn’t actually show all of this data at once, showing only one set of data at one particular time. You will need to use the mode key in order to see other measures. 

To operate the console, you will need 3 AAA batteries. You can see the display easily as long as the lighting is good, but it can be more difficult to see in low lights because the console is not backlit. When you begin to peddle the screen will turn on automatically and starts to count your progress. It will then turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. 


The bike comes in a number of different parts. In order to totally assemble it, it will take around 1 to 1.5 house. You can do this yourself following the instructions and diagrams provided, and these instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

The bike comes with a wrench and an Allen wrench that will allow you to tighten up the nuts and bolts. You will likely see that the nuts and bolts are kept in their proper holes so you shouldn’t need to worry about any confusion.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight and the dimensions of the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike are as follows:

  • In-use dimensions 
  • Height - 45.25 inches
  • Width - 18.25 inches
  • Length - 32 inches
  • Folded Dimensions
  • Height - 45 inches
  • Width - 18.25 inches
  • Length - 20 inches
  • Bike weight - 35 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity - 250 lbs


The bike doesn’t come with any other accessories. If you do happen to need some water, a towel or anything else while you are peddling, you are going to have to get a table or something else and then place that by the side of the bike so that you are able to keep any necessary items on it and then take them as needed.

If you would like to read something, or watch some videos on a tablet, then you can put that on the console. You can also have rubber bands and attach them to the console so that you won’t need to hold them with your hands the whole time.


This bike is actually pretty affordable, all things considered. It can be used by all of the members of your family. In comparison to the cost of having a gym membership, this is certainly more affordable. Most people that have used this bike have had good experience with it.

So, here are the pros and cons of the Marcy Foldable Exercise Cycle NS-952


  • Can fold up easily to make it simple to store it, even in smaller apartments
  • The seat can be adjusted easily to a range of different heights, and it’s quick and easy to adjust
  • The bike is easy and quick to assemble, you can do it on your own just by following the easy to read instructions provided
  • The console can measure the time, distance, speed and the calories. The measurements are easy to understand, simply because the console itself is pretty basic
  • Noiseless operation, so you can use it without worrying about disturbing anyone else.
  • The bike is stable enough and it doesn’t rock while you peddle
  • The bike has eight total levels of resistance and these are marked, so it’s easy to adjust the bike to whatever level you want


  • The bike doesn’t have any wheels for transportation
  • It’s not a great choice for serious athletes because the upper level of resistance isn’t tough enough
  • The console will only show one measure at once. With that being said, it is possible to see other measures just by pressing the mode key
Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance for Cardio Workout and Strength Training NS-652
  • EXCELLENT CARDIO WORKOUT - The fat-blasting cardio offered by this exercise device is significant, as each pedal targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Not only does it burn fat, but it also...
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE - This bicycle has a manually adjustable resistance that offers various degrees of exercises. With eight preset levels of magnetic resistance control, you can set to simulate...
  • FOLDABLE - The exercise utility is designed to fold compactly with its advanced frame design that allows for easier storage and portability as it folds up, granting you more space at home. It also has...


Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike with Performance Monitor

This exercise bike is actually pretty affordable, but by no means does that mean that it doesn’t give you a good bang for your buck. This is a semi recumbent bike, so it’s essentially a mix between an upright and a recumbent bike.

With this bike, your legs are positioned in front of you and down at an angle. There are a bunch of positive reviews online where users say that they like the overall structure and this is gave them lots of benefits. In fact, the Exerpeutic 400CL is also considered to be one of the best folding recumbent exercise bikes on the market. 


This exercise bike is ridiculously lightweight, weighing only 43 pounds. Now, you may be thinking whether it will be able to carry your weight. The answer to that is a resounding yes, so long as you weigh up to 300 lbs. The bike will stay very still while you exercise even if you are taller. The frame consists of steel tubing and it’s incredibly durable. Many users say that they’ve even had this exercise bike for more than 3 years without any issues. The dimensions of the bike are as follows, 33 L x 19W x 46 H inches. It can work for users from 5 foot 2 up until 6 foot 2 with ease.

Sitting Arrangements

The seat of this bike is somewhat inclined, which gives extra support for the back. Many users have reported that the padding is comfortable, but some users have said that it isn’t the case. The main thing that matters is the time you spend exercising. If you are planning on continuing to exercise for a period of more than an hour, you should make sure that you have some additional padding or have some intervals of rest periods during your exercise sessions. If you are working out for a shorter period of time than that then the seat will work sufficiently. The seat also comes with support bars that can help to keep your hands free, so you could read a book or watch tv on a tablet while you work out.


This exercise bike comes with a precision balanced flywheel in addition to an 8 level magnetic resistance system. It’s possible to set the resistance level just by turning a knob below the console. Level one will provide you with practically no resistance, whereas level 8 provides you with a challenging ride if you want one. 

Console and Display

The display will show you the speed, the resistance level, calories burned and the heart rate when your hands are rested on the hand pulse sensors. You can either opt to see only one reading or you can go through them all at an interval of around every 6 seconds. Of course, while the console can provide you with a lot of readings, there is not a backlit display which could make it somewhat challenging to read in certain light conditions.


It’s possible to fold the bike down into half of its size when assembled, and you could even store it under your bed or in a closet. If you have a relatively small apartment or office space, you can even use it during your free time and just put it away when you’ve finished your workout. The bike is noise free so you don’t need to worry about bothering anyone. There are also rollers attached to the bike that will let you move it anywhere you want.


The handlebars are gripped and are also pretty comfortable to hold onto. They don’t cause you any aching after you use it for a while, and they also have a pulse sensor attached to them in order to monitor your heart rate.


  • Can be adjusted quickly, can be used by the whole family
  • Ideal choice for the price, pretty durable
  • You can use it anywhere due to the folding ability, you could put it in your house or in your office
  • The bike has a smooth resistance transition system
  • Steady and quiet bike. Won’t tip or shake as you workout


  • The bike is a little inclined, so it doesn’t engage with the abdomen and back like an upright bike would
  • There is not a backlit console so it could be tricky to see the readings in poor light conditions
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike with Performance Monitor
  • Foldable recumbent exercise bike with quiet V-belt double-drive transmission system
  • Precision-balanced flywheel; 8-level adjustable magnetic tension control system
  • Easy-to-read LCD display tracks your distance, calories, time, speed, and heart rate


Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse

A lot of people out there do not have a lot of time to exercise. Of course, it’s pretty important to find the time to incorporate exercise into your day, but for a lot of people who are all work and no play this is hardly motivation. For those, we have a solution. Meet an exercise bike that is a dual performer - that’s right folks, you can exercise and work at the same time! Exerpeutic have created this multi functional exercise bike as a way to let you have your cake and eat it - metaphorically speaking, of course.

The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Desk Station Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike also comes with a big adjustable desktop, a supremely comfortable seat and a whole slew of other cool features. Oh, and get this - the price is pretty low too? What more could you possibly ask for from an exercise bike?


The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 comes with a steel tubing frame painted with corrosion resistant paint. It has a very sturdy frame and it’s able to carry up to 300 lbs of weight in total. The frame is a folding design and it weighs only 64.7 lbs. When assembled, the bike’s dimensions are 45.3l x 25 W x 51.3 H inches. 

The bike also comes along with 2 cup holders and a storage drawer. The bike is a perfect, rust proof solution for the office person that wants to combine work with fitness.                 

The Desk

The frame features a folding design. The main appeal of this bike, however, does not strictly lie with the folding element. This bike actually has a desk, which is what makes it ideal for workaholics everywhere. The desk part has a dimension of 16L x 24 W inch. The desk is quite spacious so you can keep your laptop on it. You can adjust the desk to 3 angles: either 0 degree, 16 degree or 33 degrees. You can also adjust the height to your liking, between 41 inches and 45 inches.

Finally, you can also move the desktop forward or backward to best fit you. The desktop consists of a heavy duty PVS material and it’s able to carry up to 44 lbs in total of weight. It even has two cup holders for that vital morning coffee and a glass of water while you work!   The desk also has a support in the base that will stop your laptop or tablet falling.

Sitting Arrangements

The bike features a comfortable seat with a 7 cm thick cushion. This isn’t all that common with other bikes on the market either. The seat also features a backrest which is pretty comfortable because it’s padded. 

In addition, the seat can be adjusted to a range of different heights and it is able to accommodate users ranging from 5 foot 3 up to 6 foot 1 without much issue. The seat also has air cells that will help to ensure that the user is nice and comfortable when they sit on it.


This exercise bike is semi recumbent and it also comes with a manual magnetic resistance system. Essentially this means that you don’t need to attach the bike to a power source for it to give the right amount of resistance. The bike has 8 total resistance levels. Of course, the first couple of levels are pretty much no challenge, but the last few levels can be a bit more difficult even if you are quite fit.                 

The transmission of the bike is powered by a belt, so it’s actually pretty noiseless. Then, the pedals consist of nylon materials and have adjustable straps.

Display and Console

Posisitioned in the middle of the base of the desktop there is also a display that will show you a number of different statistics. The console will show you speed, calories burned, the distance and the time. It will also show you the heart pulse rate, which is pretty accurate and acquired from the pulse rate sensors that are on the handlebars. 

The console comes with two switches that will do all of the work for you. It’s possible to fix it to one value that you are most interested in or alternatively you can sift through all of the readings that we just mentioned one after the other.    


When folded, the dimensions of the bike are 21.3 inches L  25.5 inches W. It is possible to tuck the bike tidily into the corner of your house or your office after you’ve used it. The bike even has wheels on the rear base so you can move it with ease.


  • The design is really handy for people who are really busy or for office workers that want to be less sedentary throughout the day
  • The bike comes with a comfortable, thick padded 2 way seat that has a backrest 
  • You can set the desktop to a range of angles, heights and distances from the user
  • The bike has two cup holders and a storage drawer, unlike a lot of other bikes
  • The bike will remain rust free for many years to come due to the anti corrosion double coat painting


  • The LCD panel is pretty small. Of course, this is likely a given when you think about the fact that the bike needed to make space to accommodate a desktop
  • The bike could do with having a charging dock for a laptop or a tablet
Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse
  • Sliding Desktop: large fully adjustable desktop with tilt, forward, back, up and down adjustability for sitting or standing positions. 3 angle adjustments (0, 16 and 33 degrees), 5 height adjustments...
  • Patented XBike Desk and Exercise Semi-Recumbent Bicycle. 2.5" Thick large AirSoft seat with extra comfort. Adjustable to fit 5’1” to 6’3” user height
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Semi-recumbent design for comfortable, effective workouts

Our Top Choice for Folding Exercise Bikes for Seniors

Our Top Pick

Best Choice Products Folding Exercise Bike - Pink

The Best Choice Products Folding Exercise Bike is certainly one of the most versatile options on the market. The one thing that really makes it stand out from the crowd in comparison to other bikes that are around the same price range is the sitting position. This bike will allow the user to sit in up to three different positions from an upright position, to a semi recumbent position, which will give the user a comfortable experience overall. 

The bike has an attractive design and comes with a bunch of desirable features. 


The bike is pretty new into the exercise bike world, but it’s already gained a lot of popularity due to the sturdy design that it boasts. The frame consists of steel, and can accommodate users up to 220 lbs. The bike is quite steady and it doesn’t shake while you exercise. The bike also doesn’t have a lever though, which does mean that it could potentially rock on a floor that’s uneven. If you use a floor mat this can help to rectify the issue. The dimensions of the bike are 26 inch L x 21 inch W x 50 inch H.

The majority of the customer feedback on this bike is positive, and the bike has been made in such a way that it can serve the user for a long time.                      

Sitting Arrangements

The Best Choice Products Folding Exercise Bike features a comfortable seating arrangement that even has a backrest. You can adjust the seat to a range of different heights, and all you need to do is loosen the adjustment knob and then move the seat up to the level you want, insert the pushpin and then tighten it up. The backrest is a little bit inclined and this is preferred by a lot of people.

The seat comes with a comfortable cushion too, but it could take some time for people to get used to the bike type seating arrangement. Otherwise, the bike should be comfortable enough for people from 5 foot 3 to 6 foot 1. 


The bike comes with an 8 level resistance system. You can control the resistance level using a knob that’s put in the halfway of the bike so that you can access it from whatever sitting position you are currently occupying. The speed can go up gradually so the user doesn’t need to worry about dealing with any bumps disturbing them as they change levels. Similarly to other bikes around this price range, the resistance level will go from around zero up to moderate. The pedals also have straps attached to them so the user will be able to put their feet on the pedals firmly and securely.

Console and Display

The console is actually pretty basic as a whole. It will show you the speed, the calories burned, distance, odometer, and the time. It also displays the heart rate whenever you put your hands on the heart rate sensors positioned on the handle.

The LCD screen will show you one reading at a time, but you are able to set the mode to be able to flick through the measures at a 6 seconds interval. The screen is not backlit however so it could be tricky to see in certain light conditions. 


The Bike can fold up into a smaller size, allowing you to store it behind a door or in a closet without much trouble. It should be noted that it may not be quite compact enough to be able to keep underneath a standard sized bed. In order to fold it down, you just have to remove the holding pin and slide the stabilizer bars together. They look a little bit like a pair of scissors when they are closed up together. All you need to do to lock it into place then is put the pin back there. The weight is only a little over 40 lbs. Unfortunately though, transportation is not as easy as it could be because the bike does not have transport wheels. 


  • The bike has a fantastic feature that you shouldn’t miss out on - 3 different exercise positions!
  • The bike is noiseless and won’t disturb anyone - it also doesn’t shake on a flat surface. 
  • The bike can be used for a range of different people because the seat adjusts
  • The bike features an attractive look and it is well priced
  • The bike can be assembled and folded quickly


  • The bike does not have any pre set workout programs
  • It doesn’t come with any transportation wheels
  • The bike doesn’t come with levelers, but this should not be an issue on flat surfaces. You may need to invest in a mat to keep it stable.

Best Choice Products Folding Exercise Bike - Pink
  • Maximum Weight 220 lbs Age Group Adult Is Assembly Required Y Material Metal Color Pink Fitness Goal Increase Cardio Brand Best Choice Products Is Foldable Y Assembled Product Weight 40.35 Pounds...


Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike includes Digital Monitor, Cushioned Seat and Back and 220 lb Max Capacity | SF-RB1117

If you want an attractive bike, then you’re definitely looking in the right place with the Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike. This bike, as the name suggests, is a semi recumbent bike that is made in a striking pink color. The bike will help you to keep fit but it won’t take up all of the space in your room. In addition to this, this attractive exercise bike is made with a low price tag, so it’s a fantastic choice for all sorts of different people.


The exercise bike weighs only a mere 36.8 pounds in total, and it’s able to carry up to 220 lbs. Even though it can hold this capacity however, the bike does not tremble - it remains strong throughout, giving you a consistent ride without the fear of wobbling. The frame consists of steel and it is definitely secure. The dimensions of the bike are 32L x 19.5 W x 46 H. Many people who have already used this bike have said that it can be used for more than one year without any issues, and in fact they expect that it will last even longer than that. It can be used by people from 5 foot 3 to 6 foot 2 without problems. 

Sitting Arrangements

The Seat measures 9 inches wide and 11 inches long. It is adjustable to a range of different heights. The backrest will give nice and comfortable support for the back too. With that being said, if you are exercising for long periods of time the bike may not feel all that comfortable. If you find that to be the case then you can buy a padded seat cover but this will add a little bit more of a cost to the price. The bike also comes with a pair of handlebars so it’s possible to use it like an upright bike, or you can use the support bars that are attached to the seat in order to make it a recumbent bike. No matter what you choose, the bike will give you fantastic flexibility.


It’s possible to control the resistance level using a knob positioned just beneath the handlebar. The knob also has one to eight level marked. You can opt for either an easy workout by selecting the level 1 option or you can choose a more challenging workout with the level 8 resistance. All you need to do to change the resistance is to turn the knob clockwise to make the level higher and anticlockwise to decrease the level. The bike can give you a good workout but if you are a professional athlete you may want to opt for something that’s a little bit more intense for you.

The foot pedals come with a strap system that will give you more control while you exercise. 

Console and Display

The LCD is there to give you good readings of your speed, calories burned, time and distance. In order to operate the console you will need to use AA batteries. It will start automatically when you begin paddling or when you turn the mode switch on. Then, it will turn off after you’ve been inactive for 4 minutes. This display is also not backlit so it could be an issue trying to see the readings in poor light conditions.


When you fold it down the bike becomes a lot leaner which makes it easier to store. It’s very easy to fold it down, and all you need to do is remove the holding pin on the center of the bike and then slide the feet together, inserting the pin to once again hold it in place. This bike also has rollers in the end caps of the front stabilizer so it can be easily moved.


  • The bike is attractive and quiet operating
  • It has a dual sitting type, so you can opt for upright or recumbent depending on your level of comfort
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable 
  • Rollers to help you move it


  • May be uncomfortable for people under 5 foot 3
  • The resistance isn’t that intense for a professional

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike includes Digital Monitor, Cushioned Seat and Back and 220 lb Max Capacity | SF-RB1117
  • FOLDING CAPABILITIES: Easily fold your recumbent bike to create more space in your room. This compact machine folds and can be rolled away easily!
  • LARGE SEAT AND BACKREST: The comfortable seat will support your bottom while the backrest provides additional support during longer and challenging exercise session.
  • PERFORMANCE MONITOR: Watch your calories burn on the easy to read performance monitor. The digital monitor displays time, distance, calories burned and scan.

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