Hip Circle vs Resistance Bands When Nothing Else Will Do

Hip Circle vs Resistance Bands For A Passionate Pursuit Of Fitness

Once again traditional ways to keep your body fit and toned are gaining popularity. People are becoming passionate about exercises and are taking health quite seriously.

There are lots of fitness videos available which introduces variety of equipments. All you have to do is go to the market and get them. It is not that easy.

Let’s talk about two effective and inexpensive ways to get your dream physique, those are Hip Circle and Resistance Bands.

Both can be used at home or gym. Basically, without taking too much floor space, they provide sufficient resistance to train your individual or muscle groups.

Have a look at the good and bad sides of these bands to take maximum out of them.

Difference Between Resistance Bands and Hip Circle Training

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are versatile and effective flat or tubular workout bands. The stretchable elastic exercise bands can be used for both general fitness and physical medications.

It sufficient strength to your training workouts. They are portable, lightweight, safe, budget-friendly and even time saving.

They come in various colors which indicates resistance level. Apart from color codes, they are classified in terms of shape, handles, looped or non looped and sizes.

Resistance Band Review

OPTP Stretch Out Strap with Stretching Exercise Poster

OPTP Stretch Out Strap with Stretching Exercise Poster
  • The multi-position grips combined with the length of the strap help to gradually stretch out your muscles.
  • Paired with the strap is a 16"W x 21"l laminated poster which provides detailed illustrations of 20 different stretches for you to use.
  • The poster features contract-relax techniques which combines isotonics, isometrics and prolonged stretches.

Mini Or Fit Loop Bands

They are not tubular but flat continuous loop bands which are 4 inches to 2 feet long. These train your lower body such as hips, legs.

Tube Or Compact Resistance Bands

Compact bands are usually around 4 feet long and comprises two plastic handles on each end. These fit tubes can be used for varied exercises.

These are helpful to train lower body, arms and upper body muscles.

Therapy Bands

They are 4 feet long and do not comprise any handles or cuffs. They are flat and kind on body. As the name screams they are used specifically for mental and physical rehabilitation.

Figure 8 Resistance Bands

The 20 inches long bands comprises two plastic handles which are connected by a tube forming figure 8.

The short length tube shape and dual handles makes them versatile for forming upper body strength mainly arms.

Ring Resistance Bands

The 1 foot long band features a small single ring with two handles on each side. The soft handles make it ideal for lower body exercises. .

Hip Circle

Hip circle is a thick and durable band to place a bit above the knees to add resistance for specific exercises.

Same as resistance bands they are used to train underutilized muscles. They are made with stiff material which provides needed elasticity.

They comprises grip strips to make sure that the band stay in place while you are concentrating on your technique.

Hip Circle Review

Sling Shot Mark Bell Hip Circle MAX Resistance Bands for Men and Women (Level 3)

Sling Shot Mark Bell Hip Circle MAX Resistance Bands for Men and Women (Level 3)
  • FOR BEGINNERS OR PROFESSIONALS: No matter what your skill level is or what your fitness goals are, the Hip Circle 2.0 was built with you in mind. If you've loved our original Hip Circle, you're going...
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Nobody wants to carry free weights in their carry-on. Instead, pack this exercise band. Take it on vacation, to the office, to the gym, and back home again with absolute ease....
  • MULTI-USE: Made for better strength training and warm-up possibilities, the Hip Circle also assists flexibility, toning, and conditioning, so there's not much it can't do. Use the Hip Circle band to...

Why Should You Incorporate Hip Circles?

Hip circles are generally used by powerlifters and athletes to enhance their mobility and to get loose in all aspects. Other reasons which made them wanting and common are:

Impressive lower body warming up

Correct, strengthen and precise muscle imbalances

Beneficial in burning out hip flexor

Prevents injuries while lifting weights during deadlift and squat

Opens up external abductors and rotators

Merits of Resistance Bands And Hip Circle

Effective Warm Up

These bands helps you in activating the small muscle groups especially in your hips. The glutes activates the major muscle groups and fixes the imbalances.

From newbies to experts, everyone should warm up their bodies before heading towards any exerting exercise. These bands are effective tools and efficient bands to reach the best level of warm up.

Durability With Extra Comfort

Since the Hip Circle is made of high quality material it is quite smooth and friendly with your skin hair. It stays stable, comfortable to exercise and durable even after rough use.

With resistance bands you can perform millions of yoga poses. Choose the color and stiffness carefully. The color gradation and type is set according to body type and strength.

Tone And Strengthen Muscles

Specifically, hip circle is helpful in performing deadlifts, leg kickbacks, squats, hip thrusters and what not. Also, it gives your workout the much needed tone and build.

Ultimately, the added resistance gives your exercise schedule an extra kick to get strong, well-toned and a perfect build.

Room For Modification

Apart from familiar exercises you may perform other traditional exercises in a new way by incorporating hip circle and resistance ways.

If you are a beginner, it would be safer if you do it under the able guidance of a trainer. They will guide you as per your body type. Every movement is not for everyone and every muscle. So, choose cautiously.

Budget-Friendly Workout

Both these bands are an inexpensive addition to your home gym. Be it in sets or individually, they are certainly going to make a huge difference to your muscle built.

Demerits Of Resistance Bands And Hip Circle

Resistance Bands

Quantification Of Elasticity: For novice and intermediates, it is difficult to choose the color coded resistance bands. They cannot quantify how much resistance or pulling in any workout is safe for them.

Visible Muscle Toning: if you are switching from heavy dumbbells to resistance bands, you may disappoint. While using gym equipment or weights, you can feel the progress everyday whereas it may take time to get the expected results with bands..

Hip Circle

Targets Specific Regions: Hip circle is designed to strengthen the muscles around your hips. You may not get benefits of getting overall body toning. However, there are exercises available in online videos which may help you to get better results.

Technical Problems: there are some technical issues like poor quality hip circle rolls up during workouts. Even, they break with high traction or resistance.

Grip: for all the bands related exercises, firm grip is a must. People who have very thick thighs should be careful while choosing hip circles. Also, there are products which are not safe if you have a latex allergy.

Wrapping It Up

It is always helpful for all the users, if you have a good product knowledge before you make the final investments. Both resistance bands and hip circle have merits and demerits.

It may be useful for many and may not be suitable for some. But the one thing you can vouch for is result oriented workout. Not immediately but the strength, mobility, flexibility etc you will feel after a few sessions will be unparalleled.

Make a correct choice which is inexpensive and fulfills your requirements.

Fitness! You Know You Want It.

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