ProForm 905 CST Treadmill Review 2021

Here, we’re going to cover one well known treadmill - the ProForm 905 CST Treadmill. This is a high quality personal workout machine with a bunch of great features and high performance. 

The ProForm 905 CST is actually pretty similar to its predecessor, the ProForm 505 CST. The construction of the frame and the size of the 905 and the 505 are pretty much the same, but of course the 905 has a more powderful motor, more exercise programs and a higher weight capacity.

The ProForm 905 is ideal for a comfortable workout. The machine has a large deck that you can use to run or walk on, a fan to keep you cool, nice, cushioned handles, a sound system and a bunch of health programs for you to take advantage of.

It’s a fantastic machine for keeping your heart healthy, and when you first look at it, it really seems like this machine is a good choice.

ProForm 905-CST Treadmill

ProForm 905-CST Treadmill
  • Discover Trainer-Led Workouts;  A 30-day iFit trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions, on-demand studio & global workouts, and connected fitness tracking in your home
  • 5” Backlit Display; Track distance, speed, estimated calorie burn, heart rate, and more; Stream iFit workouts to own your tablet or phone; On-board sound system and audio auxiliary port
  • 0-12 MPH Digital QuickSpeed controls; 0-12% Quick Incline controls; With iFit, your trainer automatically adjusts your treadmill’s speed and incline for an optimized cardio workout

What is the ProForm 905 CST Treadmill Able to Do? 

A treadmill is an easier way of walking on a pavement, especially if you are using the ProForm 905 CSTTreadmill. After a while you will certainly understand how important this machine is on a day to day basis, and the more you are going to use it. Your strides are well cushioned by a deck and a belt of the treadmill, so there’s also a lot less impact on your ankles, knees and hip joints than there is just by walking on solid ground. 

If you are a little overweight and you want a good quality heavy duty workout machine, then this is certainly a good choice for you. This machine is able to withstand 350 to 390 lbs. That’s not all either! This is certainly a machine that’s designed for longevity as it has a sturdy frame that will last a long time.

If you are looking for a worthy investment, then you really should opt for the ProForm 905. This is a great choice to help to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and it comes with all of the features you could need to ensure that the exercise is also safe, such as a chest strap and a cushioned deck, and a workout fan. In addition, these features also are very high quality and perform well.

ProForm 905 CST Treadmill - Essential Features and Specifications

There are a couple of well known brand names out there as far as treadmills are concerned, and ProForm is one of the biggest. The whole running and walking machines that they create are guaranteed to give you plenty of longevity and versatility. Of course, you could get a running machine around the 300 to 500 dollar range, but there’s not always a certainty that what you are going to get will be high quality. Professional treadmills are not cheap. ProForm have a number f walking or running machines in the 500 to 1000 dollar range. This particular model, the ProForm 905 costs 900+ dollars and it’s ideal for any professional runner or an amateur. Before you go and invest your dollars though, let’s have a look at the technical and physical features that this treadmill has to offer.


  • Motor: 3.0 CHP
  • Incline: Automatic, 0% - 12%
  • Tread Belt: 20 x 60 inches
  • Deck Cushioning: ProShox (3 cell) 
  • Speed range: 0.5 - 12 MPH Digital Quick Speed
  • Incline Control: 0-12% Fast Digital Incline
  • Audio: Audio Auxiliary Port W/ Dual 2” Speakers
  • Extras: Sound system, cooling fan, tablet holder, accessory trays
  • Console: 30 workout programs, Bluetooth and iFit supported
  • Assembled Dimensions: 61L x 37W x 79H in
  • Shipping weight: 218 lbs (98.89 kg)
  • Supported weight: 350 lbs (158.7 kg)
  • Warranty/ Guaranty: Frame lifetime, motor lifetime, parts 3 year/ labor 1 year

Deck and Frame

This fantastic walking treadmill by ProForm comes with a heavy duty steel frame that weighs roughly 200 lbs. It’s a little bit heavy, but it is this weight that plays a key role in the overall stability and strength of the machine. The base is then made even better by the changeable levers in the front platform. Of course, the weight doesn’t really get in the way of handling it properly, as the deck is foldable and comes with wheels in the front so you can move it around easily.

Adding to this, the treadmill’s frame is painted with chip resistant and rust resistant black finish. The console poles contrast a little in silver but this looks fantastic with the black frame. There aren’t any other colors available on the machine. It is also worth mentioning that the side rail covers, motor cover and some of the other covers of this machine consist of ABS materials, which is why the machine as a whole is so long lasting and has been reported as being so by its users. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the treadmill omes with a foldable frame. If you wish to, you can lock the frame into an upright position using the latch on the left console pole. The whole length of the machine is less than two thirds of the length it is when it’s set up when you put it into locked position. One thing you should know though is that there isn’t a hydraulic assist system on it that you can use to unfold the treadmill, you are going to need to lower your body in order to open it up.

The treadmill takes up around 79 by 37 inches worth of space. The manufacturers recommend that around three foot at the rear of the deck should be available while you workout. As far as upper space is concerned, it takes up around two and a half ft area. In comparison to a lot of walking machines it’s actually fairly compact.

The machine consists of an industrial grade rubber belt that acts as the running surface. This 60 by 20 inch belt is able to accommodate pretty much any user under 6 foot by 5 inches, and anyone under 360 lbs can run on it. The treadmill also sports a neutral side and gives the proper leg extension to a tall and overweight person. In addition, the belt will roll over two precision machined crowned rollers measuring 1.9 inches. These crowns are there to help to improve the grip of the rollers and help to make the durability of the belt a lot better.

This machine will also offer the ProShox deck cushioning system, which is also available in the 505 CST model. It comes with six spring cells in pairs and it is designed to help to reduce the amount of stress on your joints by more than 25%. This means that if you work on the kind of platform that the 905 offers you will feel a lot more comfortable than you would on a comparable machine. If you walk or run on this treadmill for a longer period of time you will get more comfort burning off those calories with minimal pains to your feet or back joints.


The 905 has a pretty simple console, as a whole. The treadmill features a 5” display with Blue LED backlight and large digits to make it easier to read. The screen will show you all of the main data that you need, including time, distance, the number of vertical feet climbed, speed, calories, heart rate and more. The console also features an intensity bar that will show you the intensity level of the exercise that you are currently doing. For most of the exercise programs the mid section of the display is used. 

The console will show you the miles and MPH settings in metric units for the distance and speed. One particularly cool feature with this treadmill though it the ‘My Trail’ function. This shows all of the distance traveled like a race track of 400 meters, and will show you the completed laps.

In addition to this, the console is able to track your pulse using the Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter. It also has two ECG sensors that are built into the front handlebars in order to track your heartbeat. 

Another awesome feature that this treadmill provides is the iFit function. This will sync the data from your tablet, smartphone or laptop for more stats. To use this you will need to install the iFit app on your device. It should be noted however that an iFit membership does not come with this machine.

As we previously mentioned, the treadmill comes with 30 different workout programs that are divided into four categories. Every one of these categories has its own specific button. The four categories are intensity, incline, seed and calories. These are all shown as a segmented grid. One setting for incline and speed is programmed for every workout segment. When you are in the middle of the exercise, the profile name, speed and the incline tab will show you the progress.

In addition to this, the console has a cooling fan, a tablet holder and two accessory trays in addition to the sound system. The sound system consists of two big speakers on either side of the unit and it has an audio jack input. Using this, you are able to play music just by connecting your iPod, phone or tablet through the speakers. On the control you will also be able to control the volume.

There is another thing to mention about the cooling fan though, The fan is put onto the bottom of the unit and it’s actually pretty powerful, especially when you compare it to the model before this. It also has a number of different power settings.

The tablet holder is positioned on top of the console unit. The unit is matt and quite large so that it is able to keep pretty much any size of iPad or tablet. The accessory trays are then positioned one on each side of the console, and these are certainly big enough to hold water bottles or anything else pretty small in size.

Step Up Height and Incline

The ProForm 905 treadmill comes with a motorized incline system. The system will let you control it from the console when it’s on. The treadmill also has a number of onboard programs installed on the console. Depending on the kind of programs being used the treadmill can adjust the inclining on its own.

Not only this, but the incline system is included with a small lift just under the front part of the deck. If you choose to tune the incline through the console it will lift gradually and elevate from the front part of the base.

The console comes with 1% adjustment increments and 12 different incline levels. You will also get two kinds of incline controls on the console for the slow and fast incline adjustments. The first one will cover all of the 0-12% settings.

The height of the deck of the running surface will stay at around 8 inches high off the floor. If you choose to position it in maximum height then the height will end up being around 13.5 inches off the floor. Because of this, we recommend installing the machine in a room that has a minimum of 20 extra inches of ceiling height than your body height. 


Perhaps one of the best things about the ProForm CT 905 is that it comes with a powerful 3.0 CHP industrial grade 3.0 CHP motor. The motor is brilliant at accommodating long distance running exercises without having any glitches or overheating. The motor then comes with a small flywheel that helps to improve stability, lessen the amount of vibration and will allow you to smoothly walk or run on the belt. 

The motor provides .5 to 12 mph speed range. You can choose to control the speed of the machine either quickly or gradually. There are also some adjustment keys on the console of the treadmill that will allow you to be able to adjust the resistance in increments of 0.1 to 0.5 mph. Another great thing is that the motor isn’t that loud. It only makes a little buzzing sound when you are using it but it doesn’t interrupt the TV or music sounds coming from the audio system. 

Maintenance and Assembly of the ProForm 905

This treadmill is already assembled from the box. All you will need to do is join together the console mast and the console. The drive, belt, motors, cushion system and everything else are all attached along with the deck. Putting the console together with the pole will require more than an hour of your time. You can do it fairly easily if you follow the instructions properly though. There are some key tools that you will need to do this.

The belt of the machine is already lubricated so you don’t need to worry about applying anything for it to move properly for at least a year. In order to maintain the machine, clean the belt twice a week. You can do this by getting a wet towel to wipe down the dirt and debris. You should also keep cleaning the side and under the machine on occasion. 


  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Can support up to 350 lbs of weight often
  • The treadmill can be folded down to save space
  • Can support iFit and Bluetooth.
  • High capacity motor that has 12 mph speed
  • EGK pulse sensors integrated into the handlebars
  • Comes with 30 workout programs, a HR chest strap, sound system, cooling fan, tablet holder and more


  • Every button is locked until you activate the treadmill online, and it takes time to put together all of the parts that require assembling

What Do We Like Most about the Proform 905 Treadmill?

What is the main thing that we like the most about this treadmill? That would be the construction. This machine is built well, which is why it’s much easier to adjust and more smooth in general. With this machine, you can run or walk on it efficiently and burn calories without needing to worry about muscle aches. The quick access programs are also very helpful in helping you to achieve goals like toning your body and losing weight. 


For a lot of athletes or runners, the ProForm 905 is a fan favorite machine for practicing on a daily basis. The size of the machine is fairly compact, it consists of quality materials, it has good finishing and there are some pretty awesome features. The price is a little bit high, sure, but while you are going to find a lot of machines under this price they certainly won’t provide the same amount of quality. The running surface is impeccable, smooth and well gripped while still being very sturdy.

Hopefully you found our review of the ProForm 905 CST treadmill helpful. If you do want to invest on something that’s a little bit better than perhaps your previous model then we highly suggest investing your money in the ProForm 905 CST Treadmill. This is going to be a great personal trainer for you and will help you to achieve all of your health goals, keep you in shape and help you to maintain your fitness from the comfort of your own home gym.

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