Best 5 Resistance Bands for Baseball 2021 with Buying Guide

Baseball and softball are power games. You need to expend more energy-laden with power than you might assume. Players of these sports know it, and it is why they opt for exercises that target power and strength.

While most of these exercises are available at the gym, you can do more workouts at home as well. With a proper routine, you can use the best resistance bands for baseball to improve on your power.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use these band exercises to increase pitching and velocity. Besides the benefit of getting a decent workout, these bands will also give you a healthy workout. There are workout programs that come with the bands to guide you on your workouts.

Below is a review of the top resistance bands for baseball and softball players. The information should help you decide the next time you want to buy one of these exercise bands.

Top 5 Favorite Resistance Bands for Baseball in 2021


Jaeger Sports Baseball/Softball Exercise JBands - Junior

All athletes need consistency throughout their season if they want to be the best. For baseball and softball pitchers, they need to keep their velocity. A jaeger bands workout is essential for players who wish to maintain their throwing ferocity.

The good thing about this brand is that it focuses on your arm strength and not the Achilles heel as your plus point. You need to remain consistent till the end of the season, when muscles become weary.

Jaeger is among the manufacturers who have the best sports accessories in the market for pro athletes. The resistance bands exercises will give you proper arm care and optimal performance at the same time. You will need all your perfect form during pre-season, mid-season, and even postseason.

The bands are useful for baseball and softball players above 13 years. It makes the brand suitable for both children and adult players. The bands will fit in any professional player regime. You will find it to be integral in your career development.

The J bands exercises aim is to improve your stamina and arm strength. As a pitcher, these two abilities will make you throw fast pitches. You will also be able to retain the speed of your pitches for a long time.

The exercise borders on a philosophy that makes you increase power on your upper arm region and rotator cuffs. As a result, you will also gain a strong throw and improve your balance and velocity. The driveline j band routine is part of an 11 regime exercise program. Top pitchers design the method to help you get the most from your pitches.

It shortens the recovery time by promoting blood flow to your shoulders during and after regular workouts.


  • The routine is designed with professionals and pro athletes.
  • Has an 11 steps training exercise manual
  • The j bands exercises are suitable for both adult and children players
  • It will reduce your chances of getting injuries as it shortens your  recovery time
  • Safe for use both in season and offseason.
  • Strengthens your muscles as it increases the power on your rotator cuffs.
  • It comes with a j bands exercise banner.


  • Eventually, wear out as the tensions in the bands are not strong hence will not last long.
  • The exercises can be challenging if done without a proper trainer and training support. 
  • You risk the chance of self-injury if you do the exercises wrongly.
Jaeger Sports Baseball/Softball Exercise JBands - Junior
  • A pitchers best friend - it strengthens and stretches
  • Prevents injury while throwing a baseball or softball
  • Exercises increase arm strength and pitching stamina


Arm Pro Bands Baseball Softball Resistance Training Bands - Arm Strength, Pitching and Conditioning Equipment, Available in 3 Levels (Youth, Advanced, Elite), Anchor Strap, Door Mount - Kinetic Bands

It is for the prevention of injuries to the pitching arm. Baseball players and softball players suffer from frequent injuries. These are from pitching at ferocious speeds. The arm pro bands are for everyday exercises aimed at activating the shoulder complex.

It also allows you to strengthen your throwing velocity.  There is proof that it assists in scapular stabilization and rotator cuffs. The results are usually a player with a healthy shoulder and performance in the pitch.

The arm pro bands are great exercising tools for kids. It helps them initiate and grow an intuition for the children to use their forming muscle groups. While it does this, it also helps with a decent rehabilitation program. When you suffer an injury, you will need this kit to prevent the fractures from reoccurring.

The best thing about buying arm pro is how easily it will fit in your training and game schedule without causing interruptions. If you follow the training program that comes with the kit, you will always feel well conditioned. There are also essential warm-up guides you can delve into before games to prevent muscle injuries.

The arm pro bands are suitable for all children aged 12 and above. The green band is for 12-year-olds, while the red bands are ideal for travel teams and high school students. The elite band is blue and is mostly for college-level and pro baseball players.

The bands are suitable for beginners because they concentrate on building the shoulders of pitchers. When you develop muscles in your arms, you become loose, and pitches come hard and fast. It is good to use it for all seasons.  It is affordable and brings value to your money.


  • Comes in three different colors for different resistance levels of pitchers
  • It offers functional baseball resistance exercises for pitchers
  • It comes with two wrist cuffs and door mount
  • The bands can be combined to increase the resistance as you wish
  • It comes with a handy bag to help you carry all your training kit easily.


  • A few people complain of bands breaking after only a little use.
  • Experienced users feel the single bands need more resistance.
Arm Pro Bands Baseball Softball Resistance Training Bands - Arm Strength, Pitching and Conditioning Equipment, Available in 3 Levels (Youth, Advanced, Elite), Anchor Strap, Door Mount - Kinetic Bands
  • Train All Ages & Abilities: Choose From 3 Color-Coded Resistance Levels (Green/Youth, Red/Advanced, Blue/Elite)
  • Arm Care: Strengthen your rotator cuff and gain rotational speed along with increased flexibility in the entire arm
  • Anchor Strap: Many places do not want people attaching devices to their fences. Easily anchor to a pole or beam with our unique hook and loop attachment strap


ArmCare2Go Baseball Bands for Pitching- 11 Piece Shoulder Baseball arm Bands and Equipment kit/Add Velocity and arm Strength for Baseball and Softball with Baseball and Softball Resistance Bands.

It is one of the leading strength and conditioning arm care kits that give solutions to all pitchers. The seven-piece equipment is for children from the ages of 10 to adults.  It offers the best band exercises for youth pitchers. The primary purpose is to increase velocity and gain arm strength.

Most pitchers of softball and baseball always value their arms as the most valuable tool in their career. For this reason, the manufacturers developed a kit that protects you and makes you an elite player as well.

The design also has safety features for players. It includes a safety sleeve that gives cover incase the bands snap. It makes it the safest softball resistance bands. The kit also features training routines for players who want to regain fitness after an injury. It protects the arms, increases the velocity of the pitches, and adjusts your balance.

The manufacturers are quite helpful so that you get the most from Armcare 2go pro kit. They feature a video to make it easy for you to be the best by getting more from your training. Because it is a seven-piece kit, it gives you value for money. Instead of buying the equipment as individual pieces, you get them as a package for a reasonable price. 

The best features of this product are simple. It conditions your throwing arm, maintains its health, and increases the ferocity of your pitches.

The kit includes two bands and two wrist straps that can perform lots of creative arm exercises as the video will show you. It also contains a door anchor and a stretch strap. These two are suitable for flexibility exercises. You need to stretch well if you want to become a conditioned player and avoid injuries.  The handles are inclusive to give you a comfortable and injury-risk free training experience.


  • The kit has seven pieces giving you’re a variation of exercises
  • Includes a training video and instructions manual
  • It has between 15-30lb resistances per band.
  • Suitable for both children players and adults.
  • You can combine two bands for higher resistance when training
  • One of the best softball hitting resistance bands


  • Some people find the bands to be too weak and offer little resistance
  • Will eventually lose their tension as they wear out.
ArmCare2Go Baseball Bands for Pitching- 11 Piece Shoulder Baseball arm Bands and Equipment kit/Add Velocity and arm Strength for Baseball and Softball with Baseball and Softball Resistance Bands.
  • Increased Strength & Pitching Velocity- baseball resistance band training helps build endurance and strength
  • Versatile Training Equipment- Train on the field, gym, or at home. Perfect for on-the-go training as needed!
  • Quality Baseball Accessories- Baseball training equipment comes with drawstring bag easy accessibility.


PRECISION IMPACT V-Bands: Baseball Resistance Bands for Baseball/Softball Training

Baseball or softball throws looks like an easy thing to do. However, this is a high impact sport that requires fast and powerful movements. It is one of the difficult things baseball players endure. If you want to have a long career and you are just starting, the precision V impact is an ideal choice.

You can also use them as resistance bands for hitting, which makes them very versatile. You can have an all-round training program that comes with the package.

However, they will increase the precision of your throws. During pre-season, your arms have lots of power.  As the season progresses, you will need more than talent to keep your current form. If you happen to injure your arms, then you are out for the season. To avoid all these mishaps, train regularly to boost your muscle strength and condition your arms.

You should look at bands as aids that improve your throws. They also improve your blood flow before and after throwing. The wrist bands that have pads to give you a comfortable time while practicing your range and motion.

It also features an 11 exercise routine. Some of the training regimes include overhead throws, sidearm, fore extension, etc.

The metal clips come in very handy when you want strong anchor support to clip your bands. The purpose of t training and warm-up is to prevent injuries associated with throwing. You will protect your rotator cuff. Since this is a precision and impact training wrist band, you will not need a baseball pitcher weight lifting program.

When your healing and recovery process becomes fast, your throws becomes harder and faster as well. It is a must-have training kit for all professional athletes.


  • A good training kit routine program for pro athletes
  • Comes with a carrying bag to make you take your bands everywhere you want
  • You can combine the bands to get higher resistance
  • Manufactures guarantee 100% satisfaction


  • Will eventually wear out after the tension limits are overstretched
PRECISION IMPACT V-Bands: Baseball Resistance Bands for Baseball/Softball Training
  • WHY RESISTANCE BANDS? - Baseball throwing is one of the most strenuous activities an athlete can endure in any sport, so proper recovery from this highly explosive movement is vital to not only...
  • FASTER RECOVERY - With consistent and proper usage, V-Bands can greatly improve recovery and performance by increasing the shoulder's blood flow, flexibility, strength, endurance, and durability.
  • INJURY PREVENTION - Chronic injuries often only appear long after the damage has been done so it's important to be pro-active with shoulder maintenance. Implement a pre-game, post-game, pre-training,...


Rawlings Resistance Band

The concept is useful for pitchers as the band is attached to a resistance ball that mimics a throw in training. What this means is you have a full range of control and motion at the strengths of your bands. The attached ball at the end will give you a realistic gaming experience while training.

rawlings resistance band with baseball exercises is good for most pro athletes to strengthen their muscles. It achieves this by accelerating and decelerating the muscles found on your back and shoulder.

There are many benefits why this kind of training band resistance is right for pitchers. The players will not only avoid injuries but also improve their arm strength. Another thing that will grow is your velocity. You will be able to throw the ball so much ferocity.

If you are using the bands for the first time, then make sure you read the instruction that accompanies the kit. It can pose a potential hazard if you overwork your muscles when you perform the drills and exercises without a pro supporter.

The model features hardy wrist cuffs that promote a more secure fit and lift. The trainer and the owner’s manual further show you how to use the trainer kit for your purpose.

The use of a resistance band for pitchers is to improve a player’s consistency through the season. It is common for players to slump late in the season due to form and exhaustion. However, regular band exercises ensure that you maintain your velocity and ferocity. You will also reduce your chances of having an injury.  

The drills that come with the kit are suitable for daily practice sessions—the durable rubber attachments are a plus. The clips at the end of the band allow you to mount the equipment on your house doors.


  • It uses a hardy rubber construction to make it durable.
  • Includes daily drills that are beneficial to your health.
  • Regular use good for injury prevention as your muscles gets conditioned.
  • Quite ideal for home use and other physical therapy.


  • Some users found the bands to be too rigid
  • The drills may be intensive and unnecessary as the season draws to its latter stages.
Rawlings Resistance Band
  • Develop arm strength, Velocity, and avoid arm/shoulder injury
  • Durable rubber resistance-band
  • Drills, workouts, and instructions included

How to Choose Resistance Bands for Baseball

Resistance bands offer an alternative to weightlifting from power and strength. Yet they still achieve the same purpose. They are versatile, inexpensive, and will always work your muscles to make the best from your body.

If you are unfamiliar with resistance bands, then consider the following buying guide.

Review a variety of brands

You will find that most brands use color codes to differentiate the types of tension levels. When starting, you should get at least three different levels. The levels will ensure that you work your muscles progressively.

Different muscle groups need different tensions; therefore, you can get a brand that offers more color selection.

Always buy brands that are easy to use, and you will be comfortable using

If you are looking for a softball hitting resistance band, you must opt for the easy to use ones. There are lots of varieties, and some minor issues arise when you have to fix or remove handles. Pick handles that are comfortable on your hands neither too big nor too small. Try bands that come with padded handles to make sure that you do not strain or injure your hands.

Some bands come with interchangeable handles, so finding a perfect fit will not be difficult.  However, always ensure that you use the bands as instructed by the manufacturers. Some get injuries because they misused the bands.

Keep your selection simple

There are so many baseball resistance bands in the market. It makes it is easy to buy a complicated band where a simple one would have sufficed. If you are still a novice, consider the simple long tube that has handles. You will grow as you figure out other exercises and bands.

But you can as well settle for a complete kit with many pieces and start training as you learn how to use your equipment.

Consider buying accessories

Different brands have different ways of using them. Some clips attach while others mount on doors. Restricting yourself to one brand may limit your exercise options as well. But if you have a sturdy pole in your house or a staircase, then you have an advantage.

You can use the pole for seat rows or chest presses as you wish.


There are so many resistance bands, but not all of them offer money for value. If you are on a budget, you can try the Arm pro brands. They are pocket-friendly and versatile, giving you many uses and exercising options.


Check that you get the best deal on the guarantees. Most offer lifetime warranties while some offer only limited warranties. Check the fine print to know what is in your warranty disclaimers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does resistance bands offer?

Consider resistance bands as the lightest alternative to a gym workout. At the gym, you need heavy weights and dumbbells to achieve muscle conditioning. With resistance bands, you can train anywhere, even at the park, and target muscles in reps and sets.

It so small it can fit in your travel bag and have your exercises wherever you go.  It makes it easy for you to keep up with your training.

2. What is the right resistance band and tension for me?

There are options to buy resistance bands separately. Unfortunately, this will be costly down the line. You should consider getting a resistance kit so that you gauge your intensity. Different bands have different colors to signify different tension levels. However, you would notice the tensions difference because of the thickness variations.

Usually, there are only four resistance levels, but other brands can have more. Your legs have more power than your arms, so switching to leg exercises should be used with thicker bands.

3. What are the potential benefits of a pitcher using a resistance band

You have seen how different brands aim at preventative exercises. You must condition your muscles if you want to stay fit all through a baseball or softball season.

Resistance bands give you the accuracy and power that you need to throw vicious balls consistently. Too much-unguided throws and your rotator cuffs will get injured. The arm is the most crucial asset for softball players. If you cannot keep up the power or remain injury-free, the season will pass you on the sidelines.

4. What should I look for in a resistance band?

The materials are often similar, but others offer intensive tension levels hence more sturdy materials. You should also check the length of the bands as some find shorter bands irritating. On the other hand, shorter bands may have different uses on different parts of the body.

5. Are there any dangers associated with using resistance bands?

They are less dangerous than other training and exercise regimes. But if you do not take caution, you can still injure or rapture your muscles. The ideal way to exercise is always to keep your body aligned. You can try the different exercises without the bands then do them again with the resistance bands to be sure.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt how vital resistance baseball bands are to both novice and professional players. Therefore you need to get the best brand that can elevate your pro status to world-class or elite. You should consider the Jaeger sports band as it covers every range of exercise regime you will need.

It is also the most pricey on the list but will give you value for your money. The right resistance band is simple to find if you know how you are going to use it. If you follow this review, it should not be difficult to find one that impresses you.

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