TOP 4 Best Resistance Bands For Tennis 2021

Tennis involves a complete body workout. From physical to mental, it requires action and instant reaction to stay in the game. With fun, it brings a lot of injuries too. Tennis elbow, shoulder pain, back injuries, muscle strains, knee pain, stress fractures, just to name a few.

To cure or to avoid such injuries and pain, resistance bands work really effectively. They are portable, durable, and provide supreme quality benefits for various problems caused due to tennis.

The resistance band is a proven non-surgical treatment to eliminate pain. It enhances your overall endurance and alleviates the pain caused due to twisting, bending, jumping etc.

These bands can be fruitful for all the players from newbies to professionals. They will keep you more responsive, dynamic, stronger and fitter.

It is the ultimate solution to always keep yourself in the game. Browse through the article to get every bit of resistance bands. The top picks resistance bands are listed below for your convenience.

Let’s browse!

Top Resistance Bands For Tennis Training


Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case

Black mountain products help you to reach your full potential. This stackable resistance band brings your gym workout to your place at an inexpensive cost.

The premium quality band concentrates on your overall fitness and health. It has endless potential to work on your every muscle group.

Product Highlights

The high end resistance band set comprises yellow for 2-4 lbs, blue for 4-6lbs, green  for 10-12 lbs, black for 15-20 lbs and red for 25-30 lbs. The length of each band is 48 inches.

The plus point of these stackable resistance bands is that they can yield upto 75 lbs. Conclusively, it is a complete gym in itself.

  • You may consider the following features before jumping to any conclusion.
  • The ankle straps or soft-grip handles is attached to the metal clipping system on the bands  
  • An ideal method to improve your performance both physically and mentally
  • Enhances your grip strength and hold on the racquet
  • The kit contains an exercise chart, door anchor, starter manual, ankle strap and a carrying bag
  • This product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can confidently start your sessions.

How To Use ?

  • For the players who want to lose weight and are looking for sassy toned muscles, they must take shorter intervals between each drill. Start with low resistance and repeat exercises 10-12 times a day.
  • To gain muscle size and strength, go for higher resistance bands and do each exercise with 7-8 repetitions of each exercise.
  • There are a lot of workout videos which work as a proper guide for tennis exercise. It will be easier for you to follow them step-by-step.

The good

The notable thing is that it gives you ample room to focus on the strength of your every muscle with the progressive resistance bands. Legs, biceps, triceps, chest, to name a few, are the areas which you can easily workout with these bands.

You customize your own combination of bands to try your abilities. The following are a few band recommendations.

  • Black + green + blue for 30-35 lbs
  • Red + black for 40-50 lbs
  • Red + black + green for 50-60 lbs

The Bad

Sometimes the brand fails to give the stitch quality on the straps which may result in sudden jerks or injury. Be careful while using the velcro strap.

Another thing which may bother you is the warranty policy. It disappointed many people as they were not entertained beyond if the product has crossed 90 days.

Check the full review about Black Mountain Resistance Band Set


  • Durable resistance band set
  • budget-friendly
  • Build your muscles faster
  • Efficient and result-oriented
  • Full body workout
  • For all from beginners to professionals
  • Perfect equipment for muscle strengthening
  • Helpful to perform various exercises with one kit


  • After regular use, buyers felt that the band loses its elasticity
  • It won’t be helpful to build big muscles
  • Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case
    • Bands Included: Yellow (2-4lbs) | Blue (4-6lbs) | Green (10-12lbs) | Black (15-20lbs) | Red (25-30lbs)
    • This stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to 75lbs of resistance.
    • Features a metal carabiner clipping system for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps


    TRIBE Resistance Bands Set and Weights for Exercises I Exercise Bands for Men with Workout Bands, Handles, Door Anchor, Ankle Straps, Carry Bag, Exercise eBook I Resistance Training, Fitness Equipment

    The next one is an unbelievable 11 piece standard pro athletic series workout resistance band set by Tribe. A full kit to train your body and tone every bit of your muscle.

    The excellent equipment which contains 5 color coded resistance tube bands to differentiate among weight tensions.

    Product Highlights

    This Tribe kit can provide up to 105lbs of maximum resistance with various combinations of deluxe accessories.

    Bands are made out of premium 100% natural latex (Malaysia) with high elasticity. Plus, the high graded silicone is extra thick that will not snap, deform or dry out while workout.

    A few notes to know before you invest in it.

    • Each band is color coded and individually labelled
    • The versatile combinations of band empowers your drills and gives effective outcomes.
    • Works well for hips and legs training, toning your abs, biceps, triceps, chest and more

    The kit comprises 48 inches of 5 resistance bands which are stackable, 2 well cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, 1 waterproof carry bag and an exercise ebook which can be downloaded online.

    How To Use ?

    With these multiple accessory kits you can perform countless exercises. Out of many drills, you can try the following workout sessions. 

    • Lunges to augment lower body strength, hip and knee stability
    • 3-point lateral bounds help to develop functional stability by hip complex
    • Crunch rotation to develop rotational strength which helps you in controlling and landing your movement while in the game

    The good

    The merit of these resistance bands is its superior quality and value. The tubes are double layered to endure maximum resistance.

    Perfect to use at home or even easy to carry while you travel. The weight tension of each band is yellow-5 lbs, green-15lbs, red-20lbs, blue-30lbs and black 35lbs.

    The Bad

    If you are a beginner, you may give this kit a second thought as the number of accessories you get may not be useful for you. Parents may think about the safety of their kids.


    • Both compact and portable
    • Multi-clip system for durability
    • Versatile, all in one resistance band
    • If used properly, it is currently one of  the most effective products for tennis elbow and forearm
    • Good for instant elbow support, pain relief etc
    • Avoids future injuries and spasms too
    • Ideal for intermediates, professionals or experts


  • Some buyers found it a little expensive
  • A user got himself hurt after the velcro on the door anchor failed miserably.
  • TRIBE Resistance Bands Set and Weights for Exercises I Exercise Bands for Men with Workout Bands, Handles, Door Anchor, Ankle Straps, Carry Bag, Exercise eBook I Resistance Training, Fitness Equipment
    • [Premium Weights for Exercises] There are many resistance bands set out there, but not all of them are the same. Tribe resistance bands, exercise bands and workout bands are made of the highest...
    • [Superior Quality Exercise Bands] Our resistance bands set & weights for exercises are assembled in the USA, produced with world-class craftsmanship and rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat...
    • [Heavy Duty Fitness Bands] Tribe resistance bands with handles and exercise bands are extremely durable and high-quality, manufactured using top-grade 100% Malaysian Latex and heavy-duty parts to...


    SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands Exercise Cords w/Door Attachment, Yellow, Very Light

    SPRI  is a well-known name which is still going strong among all the fitness industries. Their products are effective, innovative and provide fitness solutions of professional quality.

    They manufacture the resistance bands using a “dipped process” which is costly and produces reliable plus durable tubes on the market.

    Product Highlights

    The resistance band is designed for speedy and light movement. The yellow one is the lightest of all. It comes with a door attachment.

    The handles are made of plastic. The band can be easily rolled to stash in a carry bag while travelling trips and outdoor sessions.

    • The other distinguished features are mentioned below.
    • The material used is high quality and heavy duty with greater resistance to abrasion
    • Even after rigorous demands it stand up to its quality
    • The protective sleeve, handle plug and grommet reinforcement qualifies it to be the most sturdy resistance band
    • It is beneficial to focus on specific muscle groups plus it permits full range of motion.

    How To Use ?

    There are a number of exercises you can perform say banded walks, ankle jumping jacks, side shuffle and what not. Let’s see how we can do “side shuffle” for quickness and knee strength.

    • Put the band around the legs such that it should be above ankles or knees
    • Keep adequate distance between your feet that you can feel the pull
    • Take the squat position by lowering yourself behind to the ground.
    • Take side step sideways and repeat it 4-5 times in a row.

    The good

    The quality is undoubtedly matchless and stands out for all types of fitness. Even a single band is sufficient to focus on a particular muscle group.

    It works perfectly during group training sessions especially for rehabilitation, physical therapy, pilates, relief from tennis elbow and much more.

    The Bad

    Though the material and design is high quality, still there are pieces which don't respond well in terms of durability.

    Many people have complained that the handles disconnected from the band while working out. This hurt them.

    Unlike other products on the list, this can be used for specific levels to strengthen a particular group of muscles. After qualifying this resistance band, you have to invest again for the next resistance band.


    • Boosts your productivity and self-confidence
    • Easy to grip, carry and convenient to use
    • Ideal for newbies and young enthusiasts
    • Initial level to try out resistance bands
    • Inexpensive and beneficial to increase various areas of body strength


  • Even beginners may feel the pain in the initial days of their practice
  • A user complained that the band is not as sturdy as it is claimed
  • SPRI Xertube Resistance Bands Exercise Cords w/Door Attachment, Yellow, Very Light
    • RESISTANCE BAND: Designed for light and speedy mobility, the exercise band can be rolled up to stash in a gym bag, suitcase, or overnight trip making it perfect for travel, gym, or in-home use
    • TUFF-TUBE DURABLE RUBBER: This heavy-duty, high quality material has greater resistance to abrasion and tears to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional use
    • TUFF SLEEVE PROTECTIVE HANDLE: The handle plug, protective sleeve and grommet reinforcement features help to make the Xertube one of the most durable and reliable resistance bands on the market


    TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops, Fitness Band for Home Exercise and Workouts, Portable Gym Equipment, Best Gift for Athletes, Individual 5 Foot Band, Blue, Extra Heavy, Intermediate Level 2

    TheraBand  CLX resistance band is a universal band excellent for fitness freaks and athletes. It gives different grip options to open up your body flexibility and mobility.

    You can even perform lower and upper body exercises parallelly and can add extra resistance for dumbbell drills. Everything is possible  with the same conventional resistance band.

    Product Highlights

    The CLX is absolutely non latex which is free from scent and powder. It allows you to achieve a full workout session anywhere you want. Let’s see some of the highlighted features of the blue resistance band.

    • It is beneficial for professionals and experts as blue band offers extra heavy resistance
    • It works well for rehabilitation and offer 5.8lbs resistance
    • You can do moderate to high resistance exercises

    How To Use ?

    The resistance bands make you capable of practicing every exercise to make you fit and strong. The steps for one of the exercises i.e Tricep Extension is mentioned below.

    • Open your feet upto the width of your hips
    • Slightly bend your knees, keep back straight and engage core
    • Take end of band in your each hand backwards
    • Keep your arms straight, palms up and shoulder width apart
    • Slightly bend forward from waist, start small lifts with arms
    •  Keep tension on band, repeat

    The good

    The positive side of this band is that it is professionally approved and an effective equipment which is backed by research. It is a versatile tool which gives the same strength curve and muscle activation as dumbbells.

    You can easily change the resistance by just moving the loop upward or downward th chain. Plus there are various built-in grip options.

    The Bad

    The downside is its resistance according to color codes. Once you qualify the certain level of resistance, the band becomes useless for you.


    • Superior quality and a complete workout for tennis
    • Great for squat action, jumping and fast footwork
    • Ideal for professionals (blue band)
    • Comfortable and versatile
    • Many patterns and postures can be corrected without any hassle
    • Portable and economical (as per the things they are including)


  • A buyer said that the band fell apart after 4-5 uses
  • Snaps after completing certain number of times
  • Sale
    TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops, Fitness Band for Home Exercise and Workouts, Portable Gym Equipment, Best Gift for Athletes, Individual 5 Foot Band, Blue, Extra Heavy, Intermediate Level 2
    • Universal resistance band perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, provides multiple unique grip options to enable exercises like open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance,...
    • Enables never before possible workouts, such as simultaneous upper and lower body exercises and additional resistance for dumbbell training, all with the functionality and portability of a traditional...
    • Non-Latex CLX with no scent and no powder meet the needs of athletes, gyms, patients, practitioners, and exercise professionals, and can even be used under water for aquatic workouts and hydrotherapy...

    How to Choose Tennis Resistance Bands 

    The resistance band enhances the grip strength in your arm, shoulder and hand. These are broadly available in five colors according to the increasing levels of resistance.

    The resistance levels can be identified by their colors. Different colors represent the level of difficulty with red being lightest to blue being the highest.

    Red Resistance Band

    The red one is the lightest of all bands. The lighter means more easy to stretch. If you are a newbie then this is the stepping stone for your tennis training.

    It is a basic band so it will not be difficult to work with it. This band exercise helps you to concentrate on a group of muscles say shoulders, shin etc.

    Black Resistance Band

    The Black Band has a medium level of resistance which is suitable for intermediate players. It takes a little more effort to stretch them as compared to the red ones.

    Once you get your hands on a red band, try out black bands. These work great on your biceps and triceps.

    Purple Resistance Band

    The next level of increased resistance is offered by purple bands. They offer a high level of tension than black bands.

    You should use it once you build a decent muscle tone. It will help you when you  want to focus on larger muscle groups.

    Green Resistance Band

    Once you graduate from the purple band, you can try out the green band with a heavy level of resistance. It is indeed much unyielding and stiff.

    It will help you to attain stronger large muscle groups. It is perfect for building back, legs and chest muscles in particular.

    Blue Resistance Band

    The last one on the list is Black band which is not at all easy to stretch. It is a stiffer and most difficult band to work with.

     One piece of advice is that never ever try this band unless you get a good hold on the lighter bands. These are mostly used in duet exercises. The two can pull the band in opposite directions and work on their legs muscles.

    How To Use Resistance Bands For Tennis

    Tennis involves every single muscle of your body from toes to mind. The synchronization among legs, hands, eyes etc is possible if these are well-trained. These exercises are helpful in avoiding tennis elbow, sprains and other injuries.

    Resistance band is one equipment, when used correctly, can do wonders. Below are a few important exercises which you can practice. It works well if done in at least 3 sets comprising 15-20 seconds drill. Make sure you take rest for a while after each set.

    Warm-Up Session

    • You can start with split jumps. Put the ankle straps on and split your legs
    • Slightly bent your knees and keep your feet pointed straight
    • Start with small step jumps sideways in and out
    • While landing keep your knees bent
    • Benefits: active warm up, strengthens hip joint muscles


    • For agility, try lateral figure 8 movement. Keep two bands at a distance of 30-50 cm. Stand in front of one of the bands. Begin lateral movement.
    • Once you reach the ends, change the lateral direction. Move between both the bands and try to make a digit 8 movement.
    • Benefits: quick change of direction, multi-directional movement

    Foot Pace

    • To increase your foot speed, you should try circle fast feet.
    • Link two bands and make a circle on the ground. Start with standing inside the circle.
    • Keep one leg outside the circle,then the other leg. Step back inside and slowly increase your speed.
    • Practice to an extent that your feet should be in minimum contact with the ground
    • Benefits: holds athletic posture, synchronization and foot speed

    Stamina And Strength

    • Regular session of Lunges is fruitful to gain strength.
    • Keep one of your feet on the band, hold the handles in both hands close to your body upto shoulder height.
    • Knee down your other leg on your toes. Apply force evenly with front foot to come back again
    • It will improve your body control and knee alignment. Keep your back straight and don’t lean forward.
    • Benefits: enhances lower body strength, knee, hip, leg drive and ankle stability

    Core Workout

    • Sit at angle of 45 degrees and fix the band to your shoulder height to one side
    • Sit at a distance to get sufficient resistance and lean back holding the handles.
    • Lift your arms to your shoulder height engaging your core. Rotate the upper body as far as you can and come back to center.
    • Keep your back straight and stay focussed. Do not pull with the arms, use your core muscles to do the rotation effectively
    • Benefits: enhances rotational strength, maintains stability and lower body movements.

    Bicep Curl

    • Stand and keep the resistance band under your feet.
    • Hold the ends in each hand with your extended arms with palms facing forward
    • Gently curl hands in upward direction such that your biceps get squeezed
    • Keep your elbows stiff to the sides of your body.
    • Again lower your hands to starting position

    Features Of Resistance Bands For Tennis


    The extremely lightweight fitness bands are portable and compact enough to carry from place to place. It is a big time space saver, scarcely occupies any space.


    They are designed exclusively for tennis exercises. The notable thing about these bands is that according to your expertise level you can perform various patterns with them. Plus, they are beneficial for different tennis movements.

    Multifunctional Equipment

    The resistance bands effectively help in training your core, speed, strength, agility and power. It is a multi-functional treatment to keep your body fit and healthy.

    Further, you can choose any angle or maintain a horizontal posture to work on different areas of your body. The varied resistance levels offer resistance to your movement to improve your performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to avoid resistance bands from rolling?

    You can avoid rolling bands if you buy them as per required length and width. The bands should never be too tight or too loose when you wear them.

    Do resistance bands tone your body for tennis fitness?

    Yes, resistance bands work on your endurance and strength of your body muscle. It has the capability to give you the same results as dumbbells. The correct exercise can lead you to the desirable results.

    Do you recommend resistance bands for stretching?

    Absolutely yes, the stretchability and elasticity makes it the versatile choice to perform stretching exercises. It increases, flexility, agility and swiftness.


    Resistance Bands for tennis gives you a complete body workout experience. From upper to lower body strength, all types of equipment are listed above.

    You might be now prepared to invest in the best band which you can use for stable workouts, dynamic warm-ups, instant training sessions, agility and stamina.

    Choose the product which matches and challenges your level of fitness and strength.

    The Best Resistance Bands For Tennis is the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set!

    Have a great warm up session!

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