Resistance Bands vs. Tubes Which one is Better For You?

Are you looking for reliable health fitness tools? Many people want to live a healthy life. The only hurdle is knowing right training tool to for a healthy lifestyle. Among The most common exercises is using resistance bands and tubes.

However, it is crucial to the difference between a resistance band and a tube. Knowing the difference between the two will end the mix-up.

One can use resistance bands which offer flat resistance to perform a physical therapy. One can use the bands for specific exercises like yoga to increase muscle strength. Bands are very useful especially when doing strength training.

The resistance tubes are hollow in design which will offer more choices while using them. One can use them for heavier exercises. They are more resilient and will last longer than the resistance exercise bands.

Direct Comparison


Res‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčistance Bands 

Resistance Tubes


Flat pieces of elastic

Round pieces of elastic


Meant for kids and older people

Favors strong individuals


Rarely have handles

They have handles



Slightly heavier


They are cost-effective

They are costly

comparison between the resistance bands vs tubes two is very crucial to help you make the right decision. Our comparison is going to be based on the following areas:

  • Shape
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Handles


Shape happens to be a distinctive feature between the two products. Some of the names of these training tools are as a result of shape.

Resistance Bands

Typically, resistance bands are elastic pieces which are flat in shape; hence, they offer flat resistance. If you want to perform light exercise, then go for a resistance exercise band. Their flat shape makes it comfortable for the weak or kids to perform less strenuous workouts

Resistance Tubes

Resistance tubes are elastic pieces that have a round design. Furthermore, they have a hole in the middle which defines the shape of the tube. Generally, tubes will have a diameter that measures less than one inch.

If you want more vigorous workouts, using resistance tools like a tube will give you a good exercise. Most of the athletes can find the right service by using tubes.


Cost is a critical aspect while selecting the right training tool. Different brands will feature multiple prices on both resistance bands and tubes. Also, the amount of resistance level will affect the pricing of a particular resistance band or tube.

The type of material used for construction plays a critical role in pricing. If your resistance band or tube uses sturdy and durable materials, the prices will soar high. Customers want durable products to appreciate the value for their money.

Trainers have a tendency to select the products form reputable brands. There is a believe system that whereby customers are more confident to buy form reputable brands. Suppose the brand is still new in the market, the clients will begin to shy away.

Most importantly, customers will check the nature of your warranty. If the warranty is more than one year, then the product becomes a great choice for many.

Resistance Bands

Typically, resistance bands come with affordable prices. The pricing of these resistance bands cheaper because they purpose is to support light training. These bands are not as durable as the resistance tubes.

Moreover, the resistance level of bands is low. In that regard, you will expect a resistance band to cost cheaper compared to resistance tubes.

Resistance Tubes

Resistance tubes are sturdy in nature and they can withstand rough handling. Also, their resistance level is higher compared to resistance bands. As a result of these features, tubes are more expensive that a band.

Some resistance tubes have additional features like handles. Handles become convenient for handling while training.


Both the resistance bands and the resistance tube are portable. One can carry them around to the gym or while travelling. One can acquire them in sets. However, there is a remarkable difference between these two; a band and a tube.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are lightweight. If you stretch a band too much, it will begin to wear. It is advisable that you go easy while using bands. You can use them for lighter flat resistance exercises only.

Resistance Tubes

The resistance tube are typically longer and sturdier than resistance bands. The design will allow the user to involve themselves in harder and heavier exercises. Their weight options allows them for higher intensity workout.


Handles are another difference between bands and tubes. Although you can find handles in both tubes and bands, they are more common in tubes.

Tubes can accommodate many different styles of handles. Some handles are permanently attached while others can be removed on and off.

For resistance bands, however, their flat orientation does not easily accommodate handles. However, you can still find a few exceptions, which come at an extra cost.


You can use each of this resistance tools to carry out a variety of exercises. However, some exercises are better done using one type and not the other.

If you are doing exercises where you need to anchor the resistance cord, a resistance band will work better. On the other hand, if your exercise demands that you hold or attach the resistance to pulleys, tubes will be the most appropriate.

Final Recount

Resistance Bands: The resistance bands won 3/5 in its features. A resistance band is lightweight hence easy to carry around. Bands have a low resistance level which is ideal for light exercises. Moreover, bands come in affordable prices. Bands are flat hence they are stretchable.

Resistance Tube: Resistance tube won by 4/5 due to its high-end features. The item is stronger and durable. One can use it for intense exercises since it has a high resistance level. The band has handles to provide convenience while training. Due to its advanced features, it commands a higher pricing.

Winner: Resistance Tube

Pros and Cons of Each



Best Resistance Band:

OPTP The Original Stretch Out Strap

  • It provides comfort while using.
  • It is fit for travel due to the compact folding design
  • It is the best choice for lighter exercises
  • They are prone to snapping
  • It has limited resistance options
  • Not suitable for heavy exercising

Best Resistance Tube:

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

  • They do not snap due to the inner guard
  • It offers more options in terms of resistance  applications
  • It is suitable for heavy exercising
  • The tubes may trigger mild discomfort.
  • Tubes that lack a snap guard may cause minor injuries
  • They are nor as portable as the resistance bands

Final Verdict

Given a choice between the two, you would rather settle for resistance tubes. One will get limited service from the resistance bands. Firstly, the resistance bands are lightweight and flat. When you overstretch them they are likely to snap.

Resistance tubes are strong and long-lasting. The central hole will prevent any snapping when subjects to pressure. One can perform various exercises ranging for light to heavy. Furthermore, the resistance tubes comes with handles. One can involve the handles to get the right posture.

Also, the resistance tubes can withstand different weight options. You will not expect the user to use the same weight throughout the training.

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