Slendertone Reviews

Are you thinking about buying a Slendertone ab belt in order to help you to get better abdominal muscles and more tone in your stomach, but you aren’t sure which one is going to be the best choice for you? You need not worry about spending hours researching all of the pros and cons of each model because we’ve already gone ahead and done it!

Have a look at our reviews of Slendertone in order to get a comprehensive and quick guide in order to help you get the best abdominal muscle stimulator that will provide you with the most benefit, with an easy to use controller and a bunch of preprogrammed workouts in a single unit. 

Slenderton​e Ab Belt Key Features

The Slendertone Ab devices are made to be able to support the development of a strong abdomen area and they are designed to help to slim the stomach. It should be noted that they are not designed to be a weight loss device or even to help you to lose inches. They will not eliminate pockets of fat. What they will do is stimulate your abdominal muscles to help them to become more flexible, stronger and more defined after a while.

After you have used the device for around 6 to 8 weeks, you will likely see a visible change in the amount of definition you have in your abdominal pack, and you should also have a more flexible and stronger core that is better able to support your body throughout the day. The designers have made it in such a way that it can grow with the user, with a lot of the units coming along with 7 pre-programmed workouts and a controller that is able to raise or lower the intensity of the electrical impulses, having a range of 99 - 150 settings. 

The Food and Drug Administration has also deemed the units as being safe and effective, and a lot of independent studies have demonstrated users will receive definable benefits after they have used the unit for the entire 6 to 8 weeks.

They really are designed for a busy lifestyle, because it means that you don’t need to spend ages working on your abs. When you put it on and select a program, you can go on a walk, do some shopping or even get cosy on the couch.

Top 4 Best Slendertone Ab Belts


Slendertone Arms Muscle Trainer

You may be thinking it’s a little bit unfair that your abs are the only thing that can benefit from this miraculous technology - fear not, because the Slendertone Arms7 is here! This device has two units that are made to be able to fit your upper arms in order to support the development of your triceps and biceps. Similarly to the Abs belts, you can strap it on, choose the program and the intensity setting and then you can just allow the unit to be able to do what it does best for the 30 minutes following.

The device is designed to be a tool that supports better muscle growth, but it is not made to be a way to get rid of fat or as a tool for weight loss. If you did end up losing muscle as a result of an injury or a chronic condition though, the Arms7 will allow you to be able to rebuild and it’s also good for bodybuilders. It’s another great tool in your arsenal to allow you to retain your muscle when you aren’t in the gym. It has a similar remote control to the Abs7, so you will be able to adjust it in the middle of a workout without worrying about taking it off and then putting it back on.

Of course, this system isn’t actually modular, so you won’t be able to take the remote from the Abs and use it for the Arms7. Some smaller people have said that the arm units are a little too big to be able to fit nicely on their arms, but for those who work out a lot the fit is great. Some of the other users add the Arms 7 onto their leg workouts and they will attach the belts to their thighs and calves, which means it’s a lot more versatile.

Slendertone Arms Muscle Trainer
  • Firm & Strengthen your Triceps and Biceps
  • 99 Adjustable Intensity Levels
  • Rechargeable Controller


Slendertone Connect Abs , Black

If you want to be able to workout alongside an online community, then the Slendertone Connect may be a good choice for you. This device will provide you with the ability to connect it up with your Apple or Android operating system on your smartphone in order to act like a controller.

This device doesn’t come with a preprogrammed set of intensity levels, but instead is will give you total control over the whole duration of the workout, the level of intensity and then you will be able to show off your results on social media platforms that will give mutual support for others doing the same as you.

The belt is somewhat smaller than the Abs3 that we discussed earlier, because it only fits people that have a waist up to 42 inches. The belt is rechargeable which means that you could just put the belt on while you watch TV or when you’re working at your desk during the workday, giving you a workout while you get on with your day. It’s also possible to access personal coaches that will help you to be able to personalize your goals further and will let you share your achievements.

The programs that are on offer will focus on your abdomen and six pack, and this can help mothers on their post natal recovery. It will also help you with some easy toning when sit ups have not worked for you up until this point. Every Slendertone unit has been cleared as being safe and effective to use for the purpose intended by the FDA. This particular model does cost almost triple the amount of the Abs3, but you will also get the online community and the customizable programming.

The main benefit of the Connect is that it allows you to modify the intensity of the workout as you go, because your phone is already available to you and will show you all of the settings that are on the belt itself in both the Abs3 and Abs5 versions.  Unfortunately some users will report difficulty using the app on their Android phones. Because of this, you will need to ensure that your operating system can be used with the connect app.

Slendertone Connect Abs , Black
  • Smart, Powerful Toning At-Home
  • The app-controlled ab belt that discreetly tones & firms your abs, anytime, anywhere
  • App-Controlled: control your belt from your mobile or tablet using the free Slender tone app


Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner - Core Abs Workout Belt

This waist training will provide all of the flexibility on offer with the Connect version but it doesn’t have all of the functionality of a smartphone connection. The control panel onboard from the Abs3 and Abs5 is also replaced by a handheld remote that can be connected to the belt using a wire.

This will let you switch up the workout program when you’re in the middle of using the belt. This means that you can raise your game pretty much immediately, and you won’t have to wait for the next day when you begin your next session. This is also a significantly larger unit so it’s able to fit users that have a waist size of between 27 inches and 47 inches. This means a lot more people are able to take advantage of the key benefits of the waist trainer. 

It doesn’t have seven programs, it instead has ten already preloaded programs. The intensity controller also provides 150 settings in comparison to the 99 that can come with the Abs3 and the Abs5.

The waist trainer comes along with a two year limited warranty. This is a pretty reasonable warranty and a good expectation of the functional lifetime of the unit because the gel pads will wear out over time. The Abs7 is a middle ground between the Abs3 and the connect as far as price is concerned. It has a bigger size, a lot more programs and a handheld remote that means that it’s arguably one of the most versatile of the Slendertone models, and it provides great bang for your buck. 

There is one way to extend the general life span of the waist trainer, and that’s to use electrode gel. This will help you to be able to keep your gel pads soft and conductive, all while providing more of an electrical impulse to your muscles for some stronger, more effective contractions.

Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner - Core Abs Workout Belt
  • A Complete 30-Minute Abs Workout
  • Medical-grade EMS Technology for men and women
  • FDA Cleared and Clinically Demonstrated Results


Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner - Core Abs Workout Belt

Our first pick is the Slendertone Abs3. This abs belt is an electronic muscle stimulator that is made for a beginner that wants to have a more toned and a flatter stomach.

This is most certainly the smallest unit that has the minimal number of options, especially in comparison to the rest of the options on this list. The device is operated by battery and will operate on three AAA batteries. Essentially, it will work by sending pulses through to your stomach muscles, which will then make them contract and relax over the course of a thirty minute workout. This waist training belt comes along with 7 fantastic pre programmed workout that is made to be used both by beginners and for fitness enthusiasts that are more advanced. 

The trainer is designed to be able to fit waists between 24 inches to 46 inches, and you can close it using a velcro patch that’s positioned on the back. You can adjust the intensity of the workout with 99 sessions, which will allow you to be able to build up your muscles through the course of the 8 week program.

In essence, the Slendertone will tighten the overall appearance of your abdominal muscles. This will help with your appearance, posture, any back issues and your ability to be able to stand for longer periods of time as your fitness begins to improve. People who have used the Slendertone Abs3 have said that some of the units will stop working after a number of weeks, but you can get a replacement unit after you contact their customer service center in your country.

You can select the Abs3 programs using the onboard control panel. Of course, you are going to need to choose whatever program you plan to use before you strap it onto your belly. It is pretty much impossible to read the display when it is attached onto your belly. A lot of the designed that came after this did improve on the accessibility as they add remotes or allow you to use your cell phone.

Slendertone Abs3 Abdominal Muscle Toner - Core Abs Workout Belt
  • FDA Cleared for toning, strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.
  • Medical grade abdominal toning technology for men and women. A complete workout for the core.
  • Clinically demonstrated results you can see and feel in just weeks. Slendertone provides the perfect abdominal contraction - exercising all of your stomach muscles at once for a strong, toned core.

What is the Best Slendertone Ab Belt?

When you are on the lookout for a Slendertone device to give the  biggest range of workout options, an option that will give plenty of convenient controls and a compact design, the Slendertone Abs7 comes along with 10 different programs and 150 settings. The remote control will let you adjust things while you are in the middle of a workout, and the larger size will provide lots of benefits for people that are larger.

The connect appears to initially provide more options, but the additional cost of requiring a smartphone and getting a compatible operating system will make it appear like it’s a waste of time. The Abs7 will give you no technical difficulties and yet give you all of the results that you are looking for.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading our Slendertone Reviews and hopefully they have helped you to be able to find the right unit for your abdominal workouts and health as a whole. If you want a great way to train your muscles, why not give them a try? 

Slendertone Belt Pros and Cons

If you are thinking about getting a muscle stimulator to add to your workout routine in order to get a slimmer tummy and flatter abs, then you will need to know what kind of negatives and benefits are associated with a muscle stimulator. Here are some of the key things to think about.


  • Will conveniently flex your abdominal muscles as you watch TV, work at your desk or run chores.
  • The unit is hands free, all you need to do is set the program for 30 moments and let it do its own thing
  • After 6 weeks you will be able to see stronger muscles and a more defined stomach
  • Adjustable and rechargeable, can work with your fitness level
  • Can adjust to any size of stomach up to 46 inches
  • Has been cleared by the FDA and has been deemed effective by independent clinical trials


  • Won’t help you to lose weight or reduce the inches around your stomach
  • You won’t see much improvement if you are a serious bodybuilder
  • The gel contact pads can wear out after a while and there aren’t any replacement parts available
  • Can cost a lot of money, and it only really does the one thing

Design and Features

In essence, a Slendertone Abs belt is just a basic wide belt that will wrap around your abdomen and then will secure using a velcro contact patch. In the belt, three gel pads are put over the main abdominal muscles. You then turn it on and electrical pulses are sent through those gel pads, which will cause your muscles to contract and relax in accordance to the program.

Every Slendertone belt comes along with a bunch of preprogrammed workouts that will last around 30 minutes each, and you can tailor these in intensity to your current level of fitness. The Slendertone Connect will also work with your smartphone, which ultimately means that you get even more customizable features. It will also provide you with an excellent online support community and there are personal trainers available.

The various versions will either run on three AAA batteries or they are rechargeable, which means that they will be affordable and quite convenient to operate for longer periods of time. They are pretty compact, so you could also take it with you when you’re travelling or moving around a lot because it will simply fold up and then tuck right into your luggage bag. 

The belts feature a sleek design that will be able to fit underneath sweaters or underneath a loose shirt. Because of this, you could even take it with you as you are out and about on the town. What is particularly helpful is that the Abs3 and the Abs5 both come with onboard control panels, and the Abs7 comes with a handheld remote control, so it’s possible to change the workout as you are doing it in accordance to your needs at that point.

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Last Updated on by Adam Smith