Best Spinning Shoes for Women – Spin Shoe Reviews (2021)

Investing in a pair of high quality spinning shoes is crucial for a safe and effective workout. If you’re a regular at spin classes, you’ll know that renting spinning shoes can end up feeling like a waste of money, and having your own pair of comfortable, supportive shoes is much more practical. If you plan to cycle regularly or are looking to improve your performance on your bike it’s really important to find a pair of spinning shoes that can provide proper anatomic support to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

Cycling shoes can be pricey though, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your research before purchasing to ensure you’ve made the best choice. 

Outdoor and indoor cycling shoes are built very differently, so always make sure you that the pair you’re looking at are designed specifically for indoor use. The insides of indoor cycling shoes are designed to be taller and thicker than the outside of the shoes to support the foot properly. This design helps to keep your legs in proper alignment while you’re spinning.

Here we’ve found five of the best spinning shoes for women to help you find the perfect pair for you and get the most out of your spin class. Don’t forget to check out our handy buyer’s guide for some helpful hints and tips on what to look out for when choosing your new spinning shoes in order to maximize your comfort and performance.  

Our Top 5 Favorite Spinning Shoes for Women


Shimano SH-RP2 Women's Touring Road Cycling Synthetic Leather Shoes, Black, 39

Shimano are a great brand to look out for in the quest for the perfect women’s cycling shoes. Their high quality cycling shoes are designed to meet the unique anatomic and ergonomic needs of a woman by providing a high level of comfort and support.

The Shimano spin shoes are a really popular choice, especially among newer riders as they are often available at a more affordable price than other brands. Designed for efficiency, these shoes have several great comfort features, including three velcro straps to allow for a personally customized fit, a cushioned tongue for extra comfort, and mesh inserts for breathability.

There are seven durable hook and loop straps to enable tightening across the top of the foot and increase stability. The off-set strap is designed to relieve tension at the highest point of the foot. They are also lightweight and feature reinforced nylon soles.

These shoes do not include cleats though, so you will need to purchase these separately but they should be quick and easy to install. The Shimano spinning shoes are available in a stylish black color with a turquoise lining. 


  • Ergonomically designed for women 
  • High level of comfort and support
  • More affordable option compared to many other brands
  • Several comfort features 
  • Velcro straps allow for a customized fit 
  • Lightweight


  • Cleats are sold separately 


Tommaso Pista Women's Indoor Cycling Ready Cycling Shoe Bundle - Black/Pink - Look Delta - 42

The high performance women’s Tommaso Pista cycling shoes are designed especially for spin class and peloton, and this affordable bundle comes with either Delta or SPD cleats; simply add whichever you prefer to the package at checkout. The 2 and 3 hole cleat bolt pattern means that these shoes are compatible with all cleat types, which is good to know.

Made with a durable synthetic leather upper, the Tommaso Pista shoes offer several useful features designed to enhance comfort and protection. A breathable, perforated tongue aids in moisture removal and an air port at the toe of the shoe improves ventilation to cool and dry the feet.

Reinforced nylon soles mean that the shoes are durable and comfortable to wear. There are also a number of non-skid walking strips on the soles to provide added grip off the bike. The triple Velcro strap will allow you to find the perfect fit for you foot, and the mesh inserts along the shoe mean that they will keep your feet well ventilated.

These shoes are designed for a precise ergonomic fit, and come with a 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty. Refer to the relevant sizing chart to ensure you select the correct fit for your feet. The Tommaso Pista cycling shoes are available in six attractive colors. 


  • Designed especially for spin class and peloton 
  • Affordable 
  • Bundle includes cleats
  • Durable 
  • Several comfort features
  • Mesh inserts and breathable fabric ensures feet are well ventilated
  • Available in six distinctive colors 
  • Reinforced nylon soles 
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • A little expensive 
Tommaso Pista Women's Indoor Cycling Ready Cycling Shoe Bundle - Black/Pink - Look Delta - 42
  • BUILT FOR INDOOR CYCLING AND PELOTON: Everything about the Tommaso Pista was specifically designed to offer riders the best performance and value possible, at a great price. Dual cleat compatibility...
  • BUILT FOR INDOOR CYCLING & PELOTON: Delta Cleats already installed! Everything about the Tommaso Pista was specifically designed to offer indoor cycling class riders the best performance and value...
  • COMFORTABLE: Durable synthetic leather upper, and just the right amount of padding, allows the Pista to hug your foot for all day comfort. Ventilated mesh portions help to cool your feet with ease.


Tommaso Terra 100 Women's Mountain Biking, Indoor Cycling, Road Cycling SPD Compatible Shoe - Black/Teal - 42

Another favourite from the Tommaso brand, these cycling shoes are ideal for spinning classes. The fiberglass reinforced sole provides optimal stiffness and allows for maximized power transfer as you pedal.

The technology behind the design of the shoe means that you will be able to ride for longer and faster while using less energy. They have been developed to feature plenty of padding in both the tongue and heel area to support the feet effectively and ensure they are comfortable in both the downstroke and the upstroke.

The Terra cycling shoes provide a precise, ergonomic fit thanks to the lock velcro straps, and again feature ventilated mesh to cool your feet while you work out. What’s great about these shoes is their versatility; they are suitable for indoor cycling, spinning, mountain biking, city commutes and touring.

They are also comfortable to walk in and feature removable toe spikes which make walking on the trail considerably easier. As with other Tommaso cycling shoes, these shoes are produced with quality materials and are made to last, which is reflected in the 2 year warranty.

If you’re looking for cycling shoes that can offer stability across different terrains and conditions, then these would be a good shout. 


  • Versatile - suitable for different terrains and conditions 
  • Precise, ergonomic fit
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole 
  • Plenty of padding to provide good support 
  • Perfect for spin classes


  • Only compatible with 2-bolt cleats and will not work with Delta or the Peloton bike
Tommaso Terra 100 Women's Mountain Biking, Indoor Cycling, Road Cycling SPD Compatible Shoe - Black/Teal - 42
  • FACTORY DIRECT VALUE: By offering our Tommaso products factory direct, we are able to offer a level of quality and value that the competition can’t touch. Please Note: these shoes DO NOT include...
  • INCREASE YOUR PEDALING POWER: Get the most out of every pedal stroke with our fiberglass reinforced sole, which provides optimal stiffness and maximized power transfer. This technology allows you to...
  • YOUR FEET WILL THANK YOU: Designed with the optimal amount of padding in the tongue and heel area to make sure your feet are comfortable in both the downstroke and upstroke. Our synthetic leather...


Louis Garneau, Women's Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes for Indoor Cycling, Commuting and MTB, SPD Cleats Compatible with MTB Pedals, Magenta/Drizzle, US (8), EU (39)

These stylish cycling shoes by Louis Garneau are ideal for indoor cycling and spin classes. The breathable multi flex air outsole is ventilated to allow for more airflow and prevent overheating, making them a great choice for vigorous exercise. They are easy to adjust with three hook and loop straps to ensure you have a comfortable fit.

The Louis Garneau cycling shoes feature SPD cleats which fit major MTB pedals and spin bikes, and have a flexible toe for easy walking, which is always something to think about when looking at cycling shoes as many can be uncomfortable or difficult to walk in. They are designed to offer a standard, roomier fit for increased comfort and support. The HRS-80 retention technology holds the heel firmly in place and provides added support.

There is also a reflective strip on the heel of the shoe for improved visibility and safety. If you’re after something lightweight, flexible and breathable, the Louis Garneau Multi Flex shoes may be just what you’re looking for. However although these shoes are well priced, you will need to factor in the cost for cleats which are not included and are sold separately. There are seven striking colors to choose from.


  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable 
  • Well ventilated to prevent overheating 
  • Available in seven striking colors
  • Easy to adjust with three hook and loop straps 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Reflective strip on heel for improved visibility and safety


  • Cleats sold separately 


TIEM Slipstream - Lunar Gray - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD Compatible (Women's Size 7.5)

The Tiem Slipstream Indoor Cycling Spin shoe is a bestselling product and it’s easy to see why. Designed to provide maximum breathability and comfort, these shoes have been developed using engineered mesh and feature an athletic textile upper which means that your feet can stay cool and ventilated during your spin class.

The simple slip-on design of this one means it’s super quick and easy to pull on and the recessed SPD cleat makes it safe and convenient to walk in. It features a single strap closure system to ensure the fit is perfect for you and can be adjusted easily if needed.

The Tiem Slipstream shoe is SPD compatible and has a durable nylon cycling chank underfoot. Cleats are not included in the price and are available to purchase separately. The brand recommends that customers opt for half a size down from their normal athletic shoe size for a more secure fit.

There is a wide selection of fashionable colors to choose from, making these shoes a great all rounder.


  • Bestelling product 
  • Breathable mesh fabric means that feet get plenty of ventilation 
  • Simple slip-on design 
  • Single strap closure system 
  • Recessed SPD cleat makes it convenient to walk in 
  • Wide selection of colors available 
  • Built for comfort


  • The Slipstream does not come with SPD cleats, so these will have to be purchased separately
TIEM Slipstream - Lunar Gray - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD Compatible (Women's Size 7.5)
  • BREATHABILITY and COMFORT: Engineered mesh and an athletic textile upper allows your foot to breathe throughout class.
  • CONVENIENCE: The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily get around the studio while off the bike.
  • PERFORMANCE: SPD compatible (cleats sold separately), with durable nylon cycling shank underfoot. (Please note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta...

How to Choose the Right Women's Spin Shoes

There’s a wide range of spinning shoes for women available. When choosing your perfect pair, keep in mind that women tend to have narrower heels than men, so often require cycling shoes that are shallower or have less height between the sole and the upper. Women also often tend to have smaller feet than men, so opting for a pair of spinning shoes that have been uniqley designed for women will usually accommodate for this, while as men’s or unisex spinning shoes are not always available in smaller sizes. 


It is important to pay attention to the types of cleats on the shoes themselves. A cycling cleat is a small triangular metal or plastic wedge which is attached to the sole of the cycling shoe. It is essentially a sprung mechanism that enables the cyclist to clip their feet in and out of the pedals safely and easily. There are two common types of cleats, the two-holed (or SPD) system and the three hole (Delta) system.

The SPD system is commonly used in gyms, and these shoes tend to be a little easier to walk around in because the clips are smaller than the Delta system. Many high end fitness brands opt for three hole systems because they can feel a bit more stable to wear, but both systems are effective and functional. Keep in mind that some shoes don’t come with SPD cleats as they are sold separately instead, so you’ll need to plan for this additional expense and make sure your shoes are SPD compatible to allow for this.


Many spinning shoes are well-ventilated, which is really important in maintaining comfort and hygiene while you cycle. Look for spinning shoes with mesh panels that will help introduce airflow over the foot to increase comfort. Some shoes are developed with technology that works to cool and dry the foot during vigorous exercise or activity, which is always helpful.  Look for an open, breathable design to work best for indoor cycling. 


Finding a comfortable, secure fit is essential when choosing spinning shoes. Spinning shoes are designed to be firm and close fitting in order to enhance performance. Shoes that are the correct fit should feel snug, but not tight on the heel. They should feel close throughout the foot and instep, but they should not pinch your foot anywhere or cause discomfort.

The widest part of the spinning shoe should be positioned exactly where the ball of your foot is. As feet tend to swell a little when you’re hot, if your spinning shoes are not the right fit they will start to cause you pain as you work out. Don’t forget to think about the type of socks you plan to wear and how that will alter the fit. Thin, breathable cycling socks are widely available and should make for a more comfortable spinning session and help to prevent odour.

Sizing can vary quite a lot between brands, so this is something to keep in mind. Some brands do advise customers to size down for a more secure fit, which is something that might be worth trying. 

Spinning Shoes for Women FAQ's

Are spin shoes worth it?

If you frequently attend spin classes it is worth investing in your own pair of spin shoes. Designed to enhance performance and provide anatomical support, spinning  shoes can make a big difference.

Spinning shoes have stiff soles which will prevent your feet from wrapping around the pedals and transfer power more efficiently as you cycle. A good quality pair of spinning shoes will enable you to work all the muscles in the leg effectively.

If you’re cycling at least once a week, purchasing your own pair will be worth the expense. Renting spinning shoes from a gym or studio for each class you attend can also be costly. Look for a spinning shoe with a rigid sole to achieve the best results.

How long to cleats last?

Cycling cleats will need to be replaced every so often. It is difficult to give an exact time frame for replacement as it is really dependent on how often you ride, how much you walk in your spinning shoes, and whether or not your shoes have recessed cleats. It is often best to be safe and not allow your cleats to get too worn out before you replace them. Riding with worn out cleats can be dangerous and mean that you may struggle to clip into, or out of, your pedals.

To increase the lifespan of your cycling cleats, check them after each ride and make sure you remove any dirt or debris from them. It is best to limit the amount of contact your cleats have with the ground as this can wear them down.

If you know you will need to do a lot of walking between classes consider looking at cleat covers or cleat plugs to protect your cleats from getting damaged on the pavement. This is will substantially increase the lifespan of your cleats and will also mean that walking in your spinning shoes will be much easier and less slippery. 

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