TRX vs Resistance Bands For Heads Above The Rest

Trx vs Resistance Ba​​​​​​nds For The Best Muscle Building Training

The market is full of workout equipment. Sometimes you feel good and many a times you feel trapped as it introduces you to the world of confusion.

It becomes quite difficult to differentiate and choose what is best for you and which device suits your age. Before jumping to any conclusion it is always better to get an overview of the device you are going to invest in.

The more you know your equipment, the better you can use it. You have to dive in depth to get the most out on workout equipment.

In this write up, you will get to know about the two forms of workout - TRX Suspension Training and Resistance Bands.

Let’s have a tour of these workout forms in depth for a better understanding.

Difference Between Resistance Bands and TRX Suspension Training

Many people find it hard to distinguish between resistance bands and TRX suspension training. You may also find yourself thinking that these two are almost the same. In many ways, they almost look the same.

Moreover, there are those who think that TRX products are resistance brands that people have glorified. A deeper lookinto these two will help you know their difference.

Difference in Anchor Point

Anchor points are among the distinguishing factors of these two. Resistance bands need two points. However, for TRX suspension trainers, they only require one anchor point.

Resistance or Body Weight

The other distinguishing factor is the use of either your body weight or resistance. Whereas for resistance bands you will use resistance, for TRX suspension trainers, you will use your body weight.

Their Versatility

The TRX suspension trainers are more versatile compared to the resistance bands. Because of their single anchor point as well as their design, you can use them in various places.


Another key aspect that separates these exercise equipment is the portability. Compared, the TRX Suspension trainers offer more workout on-the-go. That means that as far as portability is concerned, they have an edge over the resistance bands.

Their price

Another distinguishing factor is the price. In this category, resistance bands are more pocket friendly compared to TRX suspension Trainers. 

But you can also buy alternatives to TRX:

RitFit Bodyweight Resistance or Clothink Bodyweight Resistance Training

Resistance Bands

The resistance bands are inexpensive elastic bands which helps to strengthen and tone your full body.

It is a great option for all the beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

They have various color codes which are assigned according to the resistance level of each colored band. 

This is color chart from Renoj Resistance Bands

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TRX Suspension Training

Before you give it a wild guess, let’s switch to the literal meaning. Trx Suspension Training uses different straps or ropes to suspend your body in various ways.

TRX System uses webbing with your own bodyweight to build up flexibility, balance, core stability and strength simultaneously.

Basically, it comprises two straps with handles on each end. You can hang these straps from the roof or walls to hold or suspend your body.

Through this, you can take the support and lets your body lean or hang. Further, there are ankle straps available for lower body exercise. 

One pair of the strap can be used by a single person only. However, at pro-level you may try out stunts and make it innovative with your partner too.

It is TRX that made suspension training popular. It is no wonder that TRX is currently the leader in the suspension and training industry. 

It was Randy Hetrick who developed the TRX suspension training originally. He was a former Navy Seal Squadron Commander.  

The first TRX set had a jiu-jitsu belt as well as a parachute webbing.

TRX Suspension Review

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Some Workouts You Can Do With TRX Suspension:

Back exercise 

You can easily use exercise you back using suspension traps through rows. Hold the handles tightly then lean back. Since the straps are adjustable, they can allow you to lean back as far as possible until you feel comfortable.

Remember that your body should remain straight and rigid. You should also ensure that you anchor your heels to the ground.

The next important step is to use your back muscles and arms to pull your body. Pull your body till it is upright. Do not lower your body until your arms are at your sides. At that point, you will have completed the rowing motion.

Chest exercise

The basic chest exercise to start with is the chest press. You will need to hold the handles in front of you almost a shoulder length. Again here, since the straps are adjustable, you can adjust them until you are comfortable.

While your body is straight and rigid, lean onto the straps. Ensure you have firmly fixed your toes on the ground. Press your chest forward, at the same time slowly bending your arms at the elbows. Press until you feel that you have fully pressed forward. You can then get your body back to the position you started.

Leg exercise

You can exercise your legs by holding the handles and leaning back till you feel comfortable. Ensure to keep your toes pointed out. Your legs should also be shoulder-width apart.

Lower your physique to a squatting position then push it up using your legs. 

Merits of Resistance Bands And TRX Suspension Training

It is difficult to spend hours in the gym or park exercising daily. Many of you must search for videos for shortcuts and fastest routes to save your time and energy.

These two methods are a comprehensive yet less time consuming wayouts to get what you always dreamt off.

Complete Body Workout

Both works on your physical, emotional and mental strength. These challenge the body to engage in multiple muscle exercises simultaneously.

TRX Training and Resistance Bands stabilize your effort through each movement and you get a full-body workout in a short span of time. Both involve functional movement patterns that keeps your core activated.

Versatile for Various Fitness Levels

From novice to experts, it can benefit everybody for all fitness grades. You may choose the intensity of resistance bands out of light, medium and heavy. This can be done by adjusting the level of slack.

Once you get comfortable with any of the levels, you can go for multiple bands and challenge yourself to achieve the higher standards.

Whereas, TRX suspension training program is convenient for all levels.

Safe, Effective and Budget-Friendly

You are not wrong if you say that these two training modules are like over all development from strength to balance to flexibility.

These are impressively easy and incredibly effective for all the large group of muscles. The resistance band are safe and minimizes the risk of mishap. It protects your joints and keeps them away from cramps and fatigue.

While TRX involves low impact exercises. With the less pressure through the joints, it uniformly spreads the strength. Hence, reduces injury due to muscle pull.

You can target specific muscles

Using a resistance band will allow you to target smaller muscle groups. Suspension training will mostly help you to exercise large muscle groups. However, with resistance bands, you can give special attention to one specific area of the body.

This is one key merit of using a resistance band for your fitness exercise.

Ease of Transportation

It is quite difficult to transport suspension training sets. However, compared to resistance bands, the later are relatively easier to move from one place to another.

You only need to coil each resistance band then pack them. Again, you may not need a wall to mount a resistance band. You can use it to do your workout anywhere unlike suspension bands.

Demerits Of Resistance Bands And TRX Suspension Training

Everything comes with both pros and cons. If you don’t do it in the right way it will turn out to be harmful for you. Same stands for these exercises.

Resistance Bands

Strength of Resistance:

Although it is not a big deal to add more resistance to challenge yourself. Still, sometimes, you may not estimate the intensity and the tension needed to develop certain part.

Mess while performing Combinations of Muscle Movements:

While performing squats, if you want to try bands for more resistance then some of you may find it problematic to coordinate. 

Anchoring issues 

You may find it a little bit challenging to anchor some resistance bands. In some case, some even end up completely damaging the area you wanted them to anchor on. This may affect your workout exercise.

Quality issues

The quality of resistance bands will vary from one resistance band to another. If the quality is low, it will also affect the durability of the resistance band.

If you buy good quality resistance bands, you will use them for a long time. However, if you purchase low quality resistance bands, you may have to buy others sooner. This may also negatively affect your workout. 

TRX Suspension Training

​Particular Exercises for Specific Muscles:

For novice, it is quite difficult to understand the importance of the exercises for particular muscles. From small to large muscle groups, you should know how to focus on specific muscles.  

Transportation and Set Up:  

it could be a little hassle to set up. Unlike resistance bands you cannot coil it and move. Plus, you need a sturdy and reliable support to perform suspended exercise.


Compared to conventional resistance bands, TRX suspension training is quite expensive. However, many have found their quality far much better

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Wrapping It Up

Both suspension training and strength training are good in their respective positions for fitness. They will help you greatly in improving your muscle strength.

However, it will be beneficial for you if you can perform all each exercise under some supervision or after getting the right information.

Sometimes, it  is necessary to spice up things in different ways. Performing any of these exercises will make a positive impact on your physical and mental strength.

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