Will Hershey’s Bars Help Me Lose Fat? The Latest Research

The most power full FAT BURNING ingredient found in cocoa plant! 

N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine increase cAMP via beta 2-adrenoceptors

The Research:

N-caffeoyldopamine is a phytochemical found in various plants, including cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). N-caffeoyldopamine and its natural analogs (N-cinnamoyldopamine, N-coumaroyldopamine, N-feruloyldopamine, and N-sinapoyldopamine) were synthesized and investigated to determine their potency as beta-adrenoceptor agonists, because they have chemical structural moieties found in beta-adrenoceptor agonists. Among the compounds tested in this study, N-coumaroyldopamine and N-caffeoyldopamine were the two most potent compounds, able to increase cAMP at the concentrations < 0.05 microM in U937 cells.

What is cAMP?

The release of cAMP supports an increase in the rate of lipolysis activity. cAMP stimulates the release of fatty acids from the body’s adipose stores. An integral part of energy metabolism. cAMP can help the body produce more energy through the breakdown of those liberated fat stores and through thermogenesis. (This Ingredient does not, direct effect beta adreno-re- ceptors).


Among the most effective body recompositioning drugs are the beta-2-agonists. Clenbuterol is a well known one, but salbutamol and fenoterol are also beta-2-agonists. What they have in common is that they stimulate the beta-2-adrenoreceptor in the body, thus promoting increase of muscle mass and decrease of fat mass. Use of the substances is forbidden in sport and supplements makers are not allowed to put them in their products.

N-Caffeoyl dopamineN-Coumaroyl dopamine

However, these rules do not apply to a class of metabolites found in cocoa. These metabolites are in the bean, but also in the rest of the plant. The cocoa plant probably manufactures them to increase its resistance against disease and other forms of plant stress, French biologists wrote in 2003. [Ann Bot. 2003 Oct;92(4):613-23.]

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